Sunday, October 16, 2005

One Hundredth Post

Hey, this is post number one hundred on this blog! I guess I like it here, huh. :)

Well, in honour of my hundredth post and also to celebrate my feeling much better from my cold, I bought lovely luxuriously soft bath-towels today to contribute to that Day-at-the-Spa feel I'm trying to cultivate in my bathroom. No more ratty towels for Spider-Girl.

I realized I own a towel that I remember hanging in the bathroom when I was a preschooler. There are naked baby photos of me with that self-same towel in the picture. Sigh. Tragically thrifty, no?

I also splurged on expensive shampoo, the kind I always borrow at my friend Tai's house when I stay over. AND, to complete today's retail-therapy session, I also finally bought the little black suede club chair I've had my eye on for two months. They took a hundred dollars off the price because it was the last one, how could I resist?

It's just the right size for me to flop down in with a book and hang my legs lazily over the side. It's really way too small for Jeff. Ah, furniture for short people. I love it.

Jeff says that since we have another spot for someone to sit now, maybe we could get rid of ye olde plaid sofa that sags depressingly and that we got for free. I am in full agreement.

I've actually been getting rid of lots of things this month. I want wide open spaces on my shelves eventually. Things that have been living upstairs are being relegated to the flea-market stock in the basement and boxes and boxes of things from the basement have been booted out the door to the Goodwill.

A couple of things like the bulky, rusty Rowing-Machine-Which-Nobody-Used were placed at the edge of our curb with a FREE sign hung on it and disappeared in the time it took us to pick milk up at the store.

Jeff was initially skeptical about this method of Making-Things-Disappear but I do believe it's a time-honoured method of redistributing junk back into the universe. He was converted when even the Ugliest-Light-Fixture-on-the-Planet was snapped up.


Pops said...

my wife is a big fan of the "Making Things Disappear" game-I on the other hand am a big fan of "Going Out To The Garbage After She Goes To Sleep And Hiding Stuff In My Closet Where She Can't Find Them" game.
She always wins.

I miss my stuff.

Pops said...

Oh- and congrats on the century mark

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Another fun way is

I love freecycling.. I gave away a fridge and got a fooseball table :)


blackcrag said...

Damn, Spider, you are just too funny. Congrats on your centennial.

It’s no wonder I've kept you as a friend this long. You always bring a little sparkle to the most mundane things, like my life. It’s your personal magic, I guess. Just in case you didn't know, I'm really happy we've been in touch this long. I have to say, sometimes I miss our coffee nights.

Never change, Spider, the world would be a darker place without your charm.

If this sounds maudlin, blame it on the country music I've been listening to today.

Grant said...

Happy 100th!

Tai said...