Monday, October 10, 2005

A Lion Chase

I've been back for a while from Africa now, and many of you have seen my pictures, but I guess I'm still not done blogging about that trip. It's something I've been thinking about every day. It's an experience that's going to be with me my whole life I think.

Let me just tell you about the most thrilling ten seconds of it.

We were hanging out the side of our open-sided truck watching two lionesses and a cub near a rock formation called a kopje. The cub had most of our attention, but we noticed one of the adult lions stalking slowly through the grass towards our vehicle.

We held our breath. There was only air and a few feet between us.She was going to come so close.


It was the most amazing, thrilling second of fright I've ever experienced.

What we hadn't realized was that a kind of deer, a bush-buck, had been crouched in the grass, snugged right up beside the wheels of our truck. Nobody saw her until the lioness was in full chase, right in front of me.

I've never seen so much speed and power. The sight of that leap and race was heart-stopping. There is a frozen image in my mind of those muscles bunching in her golden shoulders. I've never felt so wide-eyed. It happened too fast for my camera to capture; it was forgotten in my hands.

The deer also was wide-eyed and breathless that day. It got away, by the way.


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Hey Spider Girl! Thanks for your coment on my blog, it's always nice to see a new face.
Your lion story intrigues me, so I'd love to come back this evening after work to read some more!
Have a great day.
By the way, it's looking very much like Vancouver weather here in
Toronto today!

Attesa said...

Wow, what a cool story!!

Bill said...

That is amazing. We had a fright in New Mexico, but nothing to that degree. Just a couple of rattle snakes.

Connie and Rob said...

The picture is just absolutely beautiful. It is so hard to comprehend that you can actually go to such a place and see these things in person. You are a way lucky girl. Will never get tired of your stories. Thanks for sharing.

Utter Chaos said...

Great picture, what an amazing thing to experience, I cant even imagine what it was like.

Marie Nadine said...

I've always wanted to go to Africa, but never so much as after I read Jane Goodall's "In the Shadow of Man" and "Africa in my Blood"...I realize it might sound a little cheesey, but they are amazing books...and really made me want to go there that much more...and after reading your post and just reading about someone who's actually been there, I think it has revived my cooled desires! I'd definitely like to check out your pictures.