Monday, October 03, 2005

Making Time for Friends

We spent Saturday visiting friends and it was great.

First we went to Pol's house and chatted on the deck under the patio umbrella, and then we sat on the front lawn and talked, and then we lounged in her new family room and had more good conversation.

I laughed when I heard her name for the lovely warm yellow colour on her freshly painted downstairs walls. She said, "It's called "Second Attempt". The first coat was too apricoty apparently.

And she has a very tasteful chair which is not new but recently re-upholstered. It looks fabulous, but the fact that it cost more to refurbish than any one piece of the furniture I currently own cost to purchase new makes me think I need to invest in nicer furniture. :)

I am DEFINITELY going to invest in a reading chair in the next year.

Also, during the course of this visit, I got some boxes of new-to-me flea market stuff which I'm very happy to have as I just got rid of five boxes of old stock the other day. Ahhh, fresh stuff.

After leaving Pol's place, it was just a short drive to Corky and Lanch's place so we popped in there too. We ended up ordering Chinese take-out and staying late.

I MISS my friends. Many of them live at an hour's drive away, but that's not so far away really.

I hate the feeling of falling out of touch with people that are really dear to me. Well, we can read each other's blogs, but there's no substitute for a cup of tea face-to-face.

We're going to come visit you all more. :)


H.E.Eigler said...

Hi Spidergirl,

Thanks for posting on my blog! I've book-marked yours; your writing has a nice easy peasy flow. Where are you in BC? I've just moved from Victoria to Calgary but had lived in the Comox Valley also. It's snowing here, so, naturally it's got me thinking of home.

Hope to see you around.


nisha said...

We had friends visit last night, and it was remarkably lovely. I tend to forget how nice it can be to just sit around and chat -- I've become too much of a hermit, lately. I think a city does that to me, makes me withdraw into my shell, so I've decided to actively rally against it, and be marginally social again.

Feel free to come visit me any old time, and I'll make sure to visit you, too!

blackcrag said...

OK, so… when are you going to come visit me for tea and scones? Don't I get a visit? lol

Pol* said...

it was a lovely time, I was going to ask you if you made it to Corky's.... that's nice.

Spider Girl said...

Blackcrag, darling, it's SNOWING out your way....bleah!

Could you not migrate to somewhere like Hawaii or Italy? I promise you I would show up on your doorstep pronto.

blackcrag said...

But.. scones! I'll bake scones!

Spider Girl said...


Hmmm...very tempting, it's true.

WandaWan said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your site is cool. Lots of interesting stories.