Monday, April 14, 2008

Building the Pond and some Garden Photos

So... my brother is officially forgiven for any annoying thing he did to me in childhood...thank you thank you thank you Adam!

He phoned me last week to tell me he'd bring a few rocks over to my house to help me edge my pond. I don't know what I was envisioning, five or six nicely shaped rocks maybe?

Instead he shows up with an ENORMOUS amount of gorgeous river-bed slate that he somehow hiked out of the bush in his trusty rock-collectin' backpack. The amount of brutally- heavy manual labour involved in this favour for his sister staggers me. I am so pleased.

The pond is looking great. It still needs new water-plants and some plantings above and around it, but the rocks are fabulous and the new pump is burbling merrily away.

Me, I haven't written here lately because I've literally been outside gardening any moment I can. Dusk has been falling around seven-thirty lately, but it's still just light enough to wield a pruning saw (carefully) until almost an hour after that.

Things are looking healthy out there, which is good because there are only about three weeks until the garden tour. I found out today that there will be only six gardens on this tour, so no pressure to make this one count, eh? :)
I've been masochistically keeping track of the hours weeding/ digging/compost-spreading, etc. and I've logged over seventy this season. I'm so sorry if I've been neglecting to visit your blogs. I still love you all. Okay, I have to go garden some more now. :)
So I'll just post a few more photos from my project....
My little violets are everywhere..they have a faint and delicious scent, especially if your nose is about two inches above them.

My "Wanda" primroses peeking out from a rhodie bush. One of my favourite parts of getting ready for this tour is finding out the names of some of my plants. I discovered I have one sassy flower called "Brazen Hussy" . I can't help but admire her more now somehow, plastic-looking petals and all.

Pretty blue pulmonaria--- really its other name, Lungwort, doesn't suit it at all. You'd think it would look more pink and squishy somehow...

A shady corner by my garden bench. Things will look more colourful here in a couple weeks, but I kind of enjoy the quietly green look it has now.
And, finally, a pottery fish hanging out by my pond with some anenomes.