Sunday, October 23, 2005

Child Haven Dinner

In the end, it all came together and we raised a good chunk of money for Child Haven International. But halfway through the day I was still wondering if we'd mange to pull off this fund-raising dinner.

It was a breathless afternoon.We ran hither and yon trying to round up table-cloths, veggie plates, confirm ticket sales, and make flower arrangements. Then back to the hall to hang prayer flags and make welcome posters. I was quite pleased with my posters although they would have looked more polished if I'd had more time.

It just seemed as if too many things were left to the last minute this year. Maybe more of the jobs should have been delegated beforehand. It was a lot for one person to organize. And everybody was more than willing to help out Jeff's mom, who's a real sweet-heart.

Child Haven is an organization that's very dear to her heart. She spent three months living in one of the Child Haven orphanages in Nepal in 2003 and got to know a lot of the women and children very well. Through her, I've corresponded with a little girl named Ritika there.

Child Haven homepage link

Anyway, the founders of Child Haven, Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, were speaking at our fund-raiser tonight, and we were really hoping to make the dinner successful.

And despite having to make a lot of last minute phone calls to raise ticket sales, it WAS a success: the Indian food was delicious (the place smelled great), the tables looked lovely with arrangements of dahlias and bamboo, and the speakers were interesting.

I was in charge of the sales table and silent auction area and brought in about nine hundred dollars. :)

I think when it's all tallied up we raised almost three thousand dollars last night. But whew! I was glad to fall into bed when it was all over.

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Grant said...

Cool. You seem to live an interesting and useful life. Have you considered NaNoWriMo? You could write your life's story for your novel.