Saturday, October 15, 2005

Autumn Spiders

Can you see the spider's shadow?

I miss the flowers of summer but there is some beautiful foliage in my garden in the autumn. The spiders seem to enjoy it too.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive pictures even though they have the creepy spiders. Thanks for stopping by my blog, don't be a stranger.

blackcrag said...

You’re quite the little shutterbug. Hmmm, I guess that makes you a shutter-spider!

It is quite the shot, me dear. But, as any reader of this blog knows, just one of many great shots you’ve taken. Like your gardening and belly dancing, it is both a hobby and a skill. Fun, too.

Hope you’re feeling better, Spider.

Pops said...

Very nice- flowers, sunshine and vibrant colors are nice, but much to be said of the cold tones of winter- B&W especially.

ROR said...

Beautiful Pic's!....your eye's see things that most other's would never even notice....much less see the beauty..that you have brought out for us all to see...amazing.

Tina said...

hi! just reading random blogs and came across yours. Nice pics btw but I'm really scared of spiders.