Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Gunther von Hagens is a fellow who is becoming famous for the artistic plastination technique he has used on real human bodies to create an amazing exhibition called Body Worlds.

Apparently this show has been travelling around Europe for a number of years, but is only now stirring up admiration and controversy this side of the Pond.

Body Worlds exhibition link

Now if this show comes anywhere near where I live, I'm going. How about you?


blackcrag said...

You can take the girl out of the ghoul, but you can't take the ghoul out of the girl. Not everyone wanted to be a mortician like you Spider.

While there is undoubtedly some educational value to this exhibit, I believe I would pass. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep my appetite while watching CSI and eating lasagne-which is not a great combination actually, especially during the close-ups as they show a bullet coursing through the human body leaving damage behind that greatly resembles, well, my dinner.

Spider Girl said...

Mmmm....lasagna. :)

Now I'm all hungry.

Renee said...

I just love your blog!!! You are amazing. You DO the things other people SAY they would like to do. I seriously want to be just like you when "I grow up". And just so you know...it takes A LOT for me to come here everyday...I HATE spiders...happy day!!
Boob Sweat

J & C said...

If this show comes anywhere within a few 100 miles I am going. I have been waiting for years to see it! If you go you will have to give us all a review!

nisha said...

I'm going. I've been following the controversy of this show, and I've been eagerly waiting for it to show up somewhere near me.... I think a fieldtrip is in order, Spider. :)

Bill said...

Why is it so controversial? They aren't real bodies, just plastic replicas right? I don't see the big deal.

nisha said...

No, they're very very real... people donate their bodies to the project.

Spider Girl said...

Yes, they are real bodies. And in the most amazing poses.

There is one guy posed playing chess and he is bent over so you can see how the spinal column moves. It's SO interesting.

And if you are very interested, you can download a form to donate your own body to this er, ongoing art project.