Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gardening, Old Cemetery Style

It's a soggy saturday, too soggy to garden for my taste, so in lieu of that I'm reading gardening books.

One of them discussed the search to find hardy rose varieties, and had this tip: check out the yards of abandoned homes or old cemeteries for rose bushes. If they've survived the neglect, they're probably a variety that's hard to kill, so take a cutting to grow yourself.

Now it's just not good form to rob tombs where relatives are going to care, so the author had this to add: "Checking the date on the headstone is important not only because it reveals whether or not the rose is a real survivor but also because it will spare you embarrassing encounters".

Yes, important tip, don't get caught grave-robbing. Gardeners and ghouls, please take note.


ROR said...

You must insure you take that cutting from ABOVE any graft that that beautiful Rose might have.....So many of the older ones you find in cemetaries have heaved over the years of freeze and thaw..thus you have many that have gone back to what they have been grafted too....years past...of course then you never know...what you might get.....the mystery of the "Rose". Love your Blog!

Spider Girl said...

Gardening tips are always welcome: thanks! :)