Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alaska Photos

A month ago we were riding on a train from Seward to Anchorage! I can't believe this summer is going by so fast. And this hot weather is making me wish I was back in Alaska. Well, not in Anchorage. Maybe Skagway or Ketchikan though.

Anyway, below is the address to our Alaska trip photos on Photobucket. They are totally un-annotated, but I'll be posting notes on them later and stories here too. As soon as the temperature drops.

Heat. Making. Me. Unmotivated.
See the ice in the photo?, so chilly. :)

Alaska Photos June 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Makin' Baby Icebergs

Back from Alaska!

One morning we got up early, braved the chill, and watched from the ship's deck as enormous chunks of ice calved from the Hubbard Glacier.....

The blue wall of ice stretched and towered, squeaking and creaking and rumbling constantly, sending little mini avalanches trickling into a sea already bobbing with ice. It sounds like a rifle shot mixed with thunder when something the size of a house breaks off and crashes into the ocean.

This is also my first YouTube video. :)