Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posting on Spider on the Road blog now..

I've just added a post tonight to my Spider on the Road blog. I've been wanting to share more about my trip to India and Nepal for a while, so as I re-read my journals and organize my thoughts about that trip, I'll be posting there.

Hope you enjoy my pictures and meanderings. I tend to journal a lot when I travel, and later, much as I enjoy the beautiful art and trinkets I buy on a trip, it is always my journal that I treasure most.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Syracuse and Sunshine

Here are some pictures from the local high school musical I went to tonight, a comedy of errors based on Shakespeare's, er, Comedy of Errors: the musical The Boys From Syracuse.

It had some rough edges and a lot of the silly slapstick humour that would probably have my friend Tai muttering, "I'll just go wait out in the car...", but it was fun and me and Jeff and my mom had a good night out.

Next weekend, the three of us are going to see the musical, Oklahoma. Yep, it had been a dry spell for Spidergirl, not seeing a musical play or show since December, but all that was a-changin'.

In other news:

1. I spent an enormously enjoyable hour or two in my big round papsan reading chair in the sunshine today. Face turned up, eyes closed, soaking that feeling of winter's-over up. This was the first time this year I felt good about putting a stick of furniture outside. I'd tell you what I was reading, but it's five or six different books at the moment. Wait, no, I will tell you, but I'll wait till I'm done at least one of them.

2. I joined Twitter today, although I'm not sure if I'll actually use it.It's a social website which is like mini-blogging--you can only type 40 or so characters in a post. So no excuse for not having time to post? Nahhh....probably wouldn't work that way anyway. Well anyway, my address there is

I think I was partially goaded into checking out the website because some newscaster flippantly commented the other day that if you're over twenty-five, you've probably never even heard of Twitter.

3. Thursday, we got free tickets to a Toronto Film Festival movie that was playing for just one night here, and I though I'd pass along a movie recommendation because I thought it was really a sweet, thoughtful, thought-provoking film. It's called One Week, and I had second thoughts when I read the film synopsis --- it's about a man who discovers he has a terminal illness---- anyway, he decides to go travelling by motorcycle across Canada from Toronto to Tofino in search of...well, a lot of things---from inner peace to the world's biggest hockey stick, and I guess I was in exactly the right mood for a movie that was funny and serious all at the same time.

4.There's an enormous bright ring around the moon tonight. Absolutely gorgeous.