Monday, January 23, 2006

My Brother's Back!

My brother has returned from his trip to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand and so my mom had us all over for dinner so we could have a little slide show and see his travel pictures, and, inevitably, have one last belated "Christmas" gift-exchange.

He brought me a notebook filled with luscious mulberry-bark paper from a "paper-making" village near Luaug Prabang, Lao Por, a wine-coloured silk scarf from Cambodia, and a Thai wall-hanging with an elephant motif.

I gave him the Masai painting I picked out for him in Tanzania, an abstract of three local women carrying baskets and bundles on their head, swathed in traditional red.

This was my brother's first trip with a digital camera and I think he may be a convert. He took some beautiful photos and has given me two discs of them so I'll probably be posting some soon.

He and Kira never spent more than ten dollars for a night's accomodation. I think I may seriously have to consider travelling to more third-world countries.

They also travelled around by rented bicycles and hired tuk-tuk for a lot of the time which sounds very appealing.


Laura:) said...

Wow, your brother sounds really cool! I am assuming Kira is his significant other.

Ms.L said...

Wow! Glad he's home safe and sound:)

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

HEY! Your brother has a BEARD!!!! (I think the last time I saw him was 1990, so I hope he'll forgive me if I'm a bit wonderstruck by his appearance...)

I'm glad he's home safe, too, and it sounds like they had a remarkable time!

Deisis said...

I can't believe how much your brother still looks like he's 18 years old!!! Does the man ever change? But, then again, he never removes his hat in pics.....some male pattern baldness sneaking it's way into the fray????

SkyeBlue2U said...

Oh my word! Does your brother have a brother!! He is Handsome! (and it's hot in here) :))))))))))))

Sherry said...

Glad they made it back safe.

Tai said...

Where's that picture taken? Is that their house?

BostonPobble said...

Oh I'm so envious! Sounds like he/they had an amazing time.

Spider Girl said...

Deisis, I can only say for the last twenty yrears my brother has always had something on his head.

We are both hat and bandanna people, what can I say.

Well, I CAN'T say anything anyway because he sometimes reads my blog. :)

And yes, Tai, that's my parents' house.

Heh heh, skyeblue2u, just one brother. :)

Crystal said...

And so travel runs in the family! ;-)