Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fiesta Bazaar

It was packed downtown today. There was umpteen separate events: the local Santa Claus Parade, craft fairs, photographic exhibitions and Christmas sales.

Jeff and I made our way into this shopping scrum around one o'clock to see how his mom was doing running her Childhaven fund-raising tables at the Fiesta World Craft Bazaar.

We had to squeeze our way through the crowds, which is always a good sign when you are a vendor. We took over Jeff's mom's place while she took a little lunch break.

Oh, how I missed the indoor flea-market today! Back in the old days, when good old Norris ran the big flea-market in this very building, it was a thrilling sight for this flea-marketing girl to see a crowd like this milling about with Christmas shopping on their minds.

On the tables today there were Buddhist thangkas, Indian saris, caftans, and embroidered cushion-covers.

And check out these hats from Nepal: you'd never get lost in a crowd wearing one of these.

She made about eleven hundred dollars for the ChildHaven orphanages today. She's a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, is my mother-in-law. she's already into planning next years fund-raisers.


Bill said...

Thats really cool! What kind of oragnization is Childhaven?

Mel said...

Your mother in law sounds like a special person! Doing fund raising is hard hard work, I have done my share working with Greyhound rescue.

Looks like a fun and colorful day!

Sherry said...

That looks like a lot of fun...


Spider Girl said...

ChildHaven is a non-profit organization that runs six orphanges/programs for single women with children in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. My mother-in-law volunteered in one for three months and got to know a lot of the people there.

I write to a little girl named Ritika who lives in one of the ChildHaven homes and so I'm so glad when a fund-raiser is successful. The kids I know here in North America are so lucky in comparison.

And Mel, good for you. Helping animals is always good in my book. :)

blackcrag said...

That's gret news for the kids in Nepal or Tibet or whomever that money will eventually help.