Friday, March 24, 2006

Grandma's Crown Jewels

I am the teacher who wears sparkly things.

Today at preschool a little three-year-old fellow was admiring my necklace.

"It's so sparkly. It's so nice, he said, touching it with wonder.

"Thank you. I like it too", I said.

"My mummy doesn't have one like that", he said wistfully.

"But your mom does wear pretty necklaces", I assured him.

"Yes, but...but...." He frowned as he searched for the right word. "Not so ... awesome !"

I am so glad I work at a place where you can throw on a rhinestone necklace to go with your jeans and feel pulled-together.

If you have children, or just want to feel like a princess, consider wearing those jewels from the bottom of grandma's jewel box. It's a awful shame to let them stay hidden away in a drawer.

My mother has passed all sorts of beautiful vintage brooches and necklaces to me from various relatives and I've developed quite a fondness for glittering baubles. So far all of them have come to me through family, but lately I've started to eye the ones in the local antique shops and on Ebay with covetous eyes.

But I'm saving my pennies for other things right now, as always seems to be the case, alas.

However, yesterday a four-year-old showed me her little pink plastic card with the Barbie logo on it. It had a little serial number and a space for an expiry date.

('Hey! My dollies never had credit cards', my inner child said indignantly. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.)

"What do you use that for?" I asked the child bemusedly.

"Well," said the little girl, "It's for shopping. You just stick it in the cash register and you get clothes and stuff. " She leaned forward, cupping her hand to her mouth and whispering conspiratorially: "But don't worry! It's not REAL money."

Ah! That's the answer! I just need to get hold of one of those little pink credit cards and all my bling bling acquisition woes will be over. I just need to find an airline that honours the Barbie logo.


Mel said...

Barbie has crdit now??? ROF! IS it barbie or Paris Hilton? Ack.

gnightgirl said...

I have a necklace similar to those posted. When I was 12, my grandmother let each grandchild (and there were 27 of us, not counting the great-grands) choose something from her jewelry box.

Mine is displayed in a curio cabinet, even though it's broken into 2 pieces. I have no recollection of when that happened, but you've just inspired me to have it fixed, so that I can wear it myself. Why it never occurred to me before now, I hae no idea.


angel, jr. said...

Out of the mouth of babes...

adman said...

Do you think Ken can get a big enough line of credit to cover the balance of my mortgage?

JLB said...

OOO! This brings me wonderful memories: growing up we had two essential “cans” in our house. These cans were the kind that those little Danish shortbread cookies come in... each was about 12-14” in diameter and 12-14” deep.

First there was “the crayon can,” filled with all the remains of every pack of crayons any of me and my five sisters ever took to school. Whenever you wanted a color, you needed to dig through “the crayon can” to find just the right broken piece (minus the paper label) and test it on paper to ensure that it was the right color.

Second was “the jewelry can,” which was filled with, among other collected bits of jewelry, a large abundance of gawdy Grammy-jewelry including the sparkly, the gold, and the just-plain-hideous. There were flat-orange 70’s plastic bits, big wooden beads, and plenty of huge clip on earrings. It was loads of fun to see how many layers of heavy necklaces we could load on for “fashion shows” and the like.

The best part is, as I got older (and realized that I’d never have any hope of learning fashion sense) I found myself picking through “the jewelry can” to extract my old favorites, which still adorn my updated “jewelry pumpkin bucket” for easy access. :)

blackcrag said...

Today I saw a woman dressed for her office job; black highheels, a snug pair of pinstrope pants, and white button-up shirt.

Right then, I heard your voice in my head... "I am so glad I work at a place where you can throw on a rhinestone necklace to go with your jeans and feel pulled-together."

Yeah, I started laughing right 'bout then.

BostonPobble said...

oooooo! sparklies. I do love sparklies.

Liz said...

I have a bunch of my grandmother old sparkkelies too. I love them, although I don't think I can pull of jewelry at all, much less her glamore items.

If you are able to snag that barbie CC I would happily swap you some retro bling for it ;)

TDharma said...

great grandma jewelry! I have some, too, and i think I'll photograph it! Great idea! I love wearing my grandma's earrings and necklaces -- lots of U.S. southwestern silver things. She had a 'signature' set she always worn, I feel so close to her when I wear them.

Thanks for the memories!

(got here via...oh, my CRS has kicked in again....)

Wendy C. said...

Some of my favorite pieces come from what we call "The Family Jewels", a collection which came from Grandmas and Aunties long gone...lovely to play with, better to wear!

Crazy Me said...

I love shiny baubles and costume jewelry. Some of it is so gaudy but wonderful for those days when you need a pick me up.

Spider Walk said...

I have a whole jewelry box full of baubles and bling my mom left behind for my daughter to play with. She never wanted to play with them though. She was afraid if she did,she would wear the "Nana smell" off of them.
How fitting I read this post today.
My mom would have been 67 today.
I think I will pull out that jewelry box and wear one of her old sparklie pins today in honour of her birthday.

I think you have the absolute BEST job in the world. Your kids are sooo lucky to have such a whimiscal teacher :)

About your recent comment in my blog... I adore both you and Sherry.
No one likes war and everyone is entitled to their opinions and thoughts.
I am sorry that you two are no longer blogging friends.

poody said...

I love costume jewelry too and have tons of it that I love to wear.

Me said...

Something sparkly, something vintage, or--heck--just something...unique. It's all needed and necessary to make an outfit, and personality, complete!

How else will someone feel special...especially if she's wearing the standard "black highheels, a snug pair of pinstrope pants, and white button-up shirt" (thanks, blackcrag!) uniform? I say, wear what you "have" to...but make it your own with the little touches!

Thanks for the reminder to be true to myself!

K. said...

You have given me inspiration. I don't ever want my son to feel that his mom is lacking with the awesome jewelry!

Crystal said...

I am so into ethnic jewelry and it's amazing how one simple piece can dress up an entire outfit. Nice baubles, lots of sparkle and color!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE sparkly things. All of my hair pins and earrings are extra sparkly.