Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Werewolf Theme

I was waiting for my photos to develop last night so I wandered around looking for things to spend my hard-earned money on.

They have all the Halloween things out on the shelves now: mostly tacky plastic junk but one year I found a very nice metal candle-holder with dancing skeletons in a big-box store so I always look.

They had a rack of horror movie and I scored an"An American Werewolf in London" DVD for only eight dollars! Sigh...I'm happy. It is one of the truly classic films of that genre.

But no good zombie movies. They had everything BUT what I was looking for. They had Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead. Geez louise, they even had My Boyfriend's Back (which was simply dreadful zombie movie but in a funny eighties romantic comedy sort of way). But no "Return of the Living Dead, Part 2", can ya believe it?

The clerk even checked the computer for me, with the air of one who deals with freaks all the time.

But "Werewolves of London" was playing on the store's sound system, so maybe that was a sign werewolves were enough for me tonight.

Speaking of werewolves, Kim Bannerman's book "The Tattooed Wolf" is now available at The Laughing Oyster bookstore in Courtenay, so if you're a local run down and grab one. I highly recommend it. :)


nisha said...

Did they have "The Beast Must Die"? That's a old werewolf film that I MUST SEE. It's sort of an Agatha-Christie-with-a-werewolf story, in which a bunch of people are trapped in an old house, and something is killing them off one by one.... and one of them is a werewolf. Is the werewolf killing them off? Or is it the person whose trapped them there, hoping to expose the werewolf? I really really really want to see it!

However, I can't find it anywhere, and no one seems to have heard of it, and I'm starting to suspect I may have dreamt it.

Saw a wonderful witchy hat embroidered with golden spiderwebs yesterday, and thought of you. Oh, how I adore the season of mists!

Thanks, too, for the mention of The Tattooed Wolf. Someone in Oregon is currently selling their copy on Amazon for $145... zut alors!

Spider Girl said...

Hey, let me know if their copy sells and I'll buy up the whole local lot and stick them on Ebay! :)

I haven't heard of "The Beast Must Die" but it sounds intriguing and I'll watch out for it for you.

Tai said...

I've heard of that movie...I think.
Unless it's only by osmosis via Nish' that I know about it.
(which is entirely possible!)

Pol* said...

"Shawn of the Dead" Had me laughing my head off (and nearly vomitting) several times! If you like British Humor (and I KNOW you do) Sometimes subtle, sometimes blantant I think it was smarter than most. I recommend that Zombie movie for a rent!

blackcrag said...

Personally, I have always been a fan of werewolves. They are my favourite supernatural being. As Spider knows, I collect wolfish things too; pictures, little carvings, books, etc.

Whenever I think of werewolves, I end up thinking about that '78 song, “Werewolf in London” by Zevon Warren. It has that really great piano riff, (da-dum, de-dum, do-dum do-dum). There is a line in there that always runs through my head: “I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's/His hair was perfect.” I’m not sure why that resonates with me. But everyone who reads this and knows the song will now have Warren Zevon’s howling chorus gong through their head for the rest of the day: AAA-whooooo!/Werewolves in London./AAAA-whoooo!

Funny enough, since I moved to the Prairies, I keep thinking of birdmen and not a wolfmen. Something about those wide open skies, and the way the sky wraps around the horizon, instead coming down to meet it. Then again, a good forest to furrily run around in is hard to come by out here.

Spider Girl said...

Shaun of the Dead! Hilarious! Almost bought it but it's still $25 and I'm going to wait...but it WILL be mine.

As for werewolves, I'm fond of them too (y'all know who ya are).

blackcrag said...

AAA-whooooo!/Werewolves in London./AAAA-whoooo!