Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Holy Chicken Performing Arts Society

I just got back from a concert at The Abbey in Cumberland. The group was called "Vandhana" and they are a Classical North Indian Kathak dance ensemble accompanied by musicians on such exotic instruments as the sarod, tamboura, and tabla. Goosebumps, I had goosebumps!

It was yet another fantastic group sponsored by the Holy Chicken Performing Arts Society. Isn't that a great name? It makes me want to buy seasons tickets so I can be a founding member of it.

I love The Abbey--it's such a great old building. And the enormous iconic painting of a rooster giving a benediction is just so appealing.

The Abbey/Holy Chicken Performing Arts Society


blackcrag said...

While you were out last night revelling in holy performing chicken acts (why am I suddenly having images of the Muppet’s Gonzo flash before my eyes?) I was soaking up Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist. Very good, btw, totally engrossing. And, thankfully, actual British actors instead of Yanks with bad Brit accents, or worse, not pretending an accent at all.

Ben Kingsley was fantastic as Fagin. Leanne Rowe (Nancy) and Barney Clark (Oliver) were also great. The character of the Dodger, while portrayed well, seemed a little subdued for such an integral character. Harry Eden, the actor portraying the Dodger, did a good job, but he looked fresh-faced to be the shifty Artful Dodger.

It occurs to me, the accents should have been rougher. Most of the movie revolves around the streets of London and the lower classes. The Cockney accent should have been rife through out in the characters of Fagin, Bill, Nancy and the Dodger. Their accents were common, but not out and out Cockney. But, as I said, that only occurred to me now, not while I was watching the movie.

I started reading Oliver Twist when I was 7 or 8, on a trip to Scotland. I forgot it at my great-aunt’s house when we left, when I was only three-quarters of the way through or so. For some reason, I have never picked it up again since. But now I know how the story ends.

I think I will pick up the novel again, because, no matter how detailed the film, I have always found the book it's based on better. However, I would suggest you see this movie because it is a lush portrayal of classic literature, well acted and extremely detailed. Completely enjoyable and worth it.

Tai said...

I want to be part of the "Holy Chicken"!!!

C'mon...I was raised in Cumberland...don't I merit instant status!?!