Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pictures to Get Me Through the Winter

Brrr...I woke up this morning and shut the sliding door that leads off our bedroom balcony. It's COLD out this morning! So much for summer. At least first thing in the morning.

And I turned on the gas stove (my lovely fake woodstove which feels so cozy) for the first time the other day, just for a few minutes to take the chill off.

I'm going to have to practice putting on a cardigan and looking at pictures of Zanzibar to keep warm through this next season or two I think.


Rell said...

man that almost looks like the raft from "Lost" that Michael, Sawyer and Jin build.

Good stuff -- but fall/early winter is my favorite time of year. The leaves, the temperature, i love it all.

melanie said...

these are incredible.

I finally have the time to catch up on my reading, with the long weekend. :)