Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Did I Mention the Skies Were Pretty?

Gee whiz, just when you think you have a nice sunrise photo another one comes along... :)

I have a LOT of photos to go through...we were travelling with four cameras between us after all. It was heartening to know that even as you cursed the limitations of a paltry 3X zoom lenses, you knew you had a Canon Powershot beside you on your team.

So, in answer to a friend's question, we got REALLY close to a lot of animals. We could often hear them blowing air out of their nostrils or scratching themselves, we were that close. Many animals seemed to be totally oblivious to the presence of motor vehicles suddenly pulling up alongside them and making oohing, aahing, and clicking sounds.

And when we weren't, we had a lovely zoom lens along.


Pol* said...

omygawd! Did you take all of these marvellous pictures?!

Spider Girl said...

Mostly, but the lion one was actually by a guy named Graham.

Heh heh, next time I see you I will no doubt be inflicting HUNDREDS of photos on you, dearie. :)