Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gardy-loo! (Monkey-style)

One day on our trip in Africa we stopped and had lunch in a clearing with a cheerful wooden sign tacked to a tree: "WARNING! ANIMALS MAY ATTACT HUMAN BEING!"

We were just outside the gates to the Serengeti National Park so I don't suppose the sign was misplaced, but I wasn't expecting the attack to come from such a cute little creature. And I wasn't expecting the attack to come from above!

Yes, be careful when you are sitting underneath trees and monkeys are about. They laugh like crazy when they find somebody to pee on.

Pol, sorry about the shirt I borrowed. It was just never the same again.

By the way, the monkey mommy and baby pictured are totally innocent. It was one of her evil friends in the next tree who did it.


blackcrag said...

Spider sweetie, haven't you ever heard of looking up? Still, I guess you should be grateful cows (or wildebeests) don't climb trees.

I look forward to reading this episode in Webs in the World: A Bathtub Spider Spins Tales of Travelling Abroad. Just floating a possible title past you, for your modern-day Twainish take on More Tramps Abroad.

Twain had a run in with a monkey in an Indian temple. Nothing at all like yours, but still funny. You should read it. It might give you inspiration. Just think of all the travelling you could do off a royalty check, or better yet, a best-seller!

Spider Girl said...

You're awfully encouraging, dearie. :)

Now you just need to start YOUR blog. I'd love to read it.

Pol* said...

No hard feelings, at least it was ruined in an INTERESTING way..... not just spagetti or coffee or something as mundane as that.