Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day at Home Depot

I hope all you people out there who celebrated Chocolate-Day yesterday had a lovely time. But it's just not for me.

We saw some flustered men-folk out there hauling enormous stuffed-animals-clutching- satin-hearts to the cash-register area yesterday evening while out doing our grocery shopping.

"Oh dear", said Jeff, shaking his head, "Those look like desperation presents to me".

Valentines Day is a holiday I quite frankly like to avoid. I'd rather get flowers out of the blue.

Me, I spent the evening roaming the plumbing department of Home Depot hand-in-hand with my sweetie. We were shopping for new whatz-its to hook up our bathroom taps. We're just hopeless romantics I guess.

I thought I'd post pictures of our new sink and counter-top because finished home renovations are a happy thing, and I wanted my friend Tai to see what our new counter-top looks like. She was rather unsure when I showed her the sample boards.

But I'm rather pleased with the result.

Before, our bathroom was a rather displeasing shade of blue with too-bright Hollywood dressing-room lighting, a chipped sink, dismal taps and towel-racks, and a worn counter-top. You can see Jeff reflected in the mirror in the bathroom's Before picture. His look seems to say why oh why do we start these projects?

But it's always rather heartening when we see the end result.

I paint, he plumbs and installs. I'm glad I have my job and not his. :)

I want my bathroom to remind me of those occasional times when I go to the spa and lie all relaxed, wrapped in a warm towel in a serene room with soothing colours and classical music and candle-light, while some kind person massages my brow. Along with new lighting and fixtures and a gorgeous mirror, my friend Sherry has gifted me with lemon soap from Provence to help me be at one with my candle-lit bath-time.

Ah, get her the gift she really wants for Valentines: yummy soap and a shopping spree at Home Depot!

To the left is a picture of our new sink area; the photo below is an in-between shot before we changed the counter-top.

I just love the transformative power of home renovations. As long as your house has good bones , as it were, then you can look beyond atrocious carpeting and chipped paint.

For instance, here is our upstairs hallway when we first bought the place.

And After . It has a much more airy and light feel to it now that we've worked on it a wee bit.


blackcrag said...

Look at all the work you've done! I didn't even have to come over for a visit to encourage (or was that shame?)you to finish!

It looks great, sweetie. Perhaps you can show me in person if I go back this July. I want to, but it's just an idea so far.

What busy people you and Jeff have been. Have you tackled the kitchen yet?

angel, jr. said...

I feel like a holiday that forces you to show your love isn't real. Let's face it, when you have to give the obligatory bouquet of flowers, did you do it cause you wanted to or because you had to. Like you, I would rather receive a gift out of the blue.

Ms.L said...

Ohh very nice...

BostonPobble said...

Truly Lovely. I love home renovation and decorating. Of course, I also love paying other people to do it so it doesn't happen often but... Seriously, well done!

[Mat] said...

Very nice

Tai said...

Spa-like atmosphere indeed!

(Do I get my very own masseuse when I come over!?!)


keeks said...

Loooooove your bathroom (and hallway), looks like a great place to spend quality tub time!

Laura said...

ohhh that's purty, very nice inspiration and follow through.

we're nearly done a massive lump of renovations ourselves which I will have more than just text up on soon.

I love the mirror and countertop, however the lemon soap is a sweet detail, thoughtful friends just make the world go 'round, huh?

My husband and I celebrated, this, our first married V-day with frozen pizza and a trip to Home Depot. Great minds, eh?

adman said...

hey sister...nice should come see my bathroom one day...we modelled the whole thing around that sink we bought in mexico...very expensive sink all things necessary is that word verification thing??

A Flowered Purse said...

Looks awesome! iwas so glad to see someone else going through home rennovations! its a ton of work! you didan awesome job!!!

Pol* said...

wow, the transformation is glorious!
I also avoided "chocolate-day" and told my sweetie expressedly NOT to get me ANYTHING. We sat around like any other day and just enjoyed the comfortably married existance.

Kazza said...

There is nothing like home improvements. It is never as hard as you think it will be and the rewards are amazing once you are done. I can't wait until the summer when I can do some more painting, and I am keeping an eye for some good flooring sales at the local hardware sale. Your new and improved bathroom looks great. I bet you smile when you walk in there now!

Crystal said...

VERY worthwhile project, it looks great!

geekdarling said...

Oooooh! Ahhhhhh! Lovely!

Drywall Mom said...

Nice job on the upgrading.