Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Early Gardening

I am having a hard time waiting for spring.

I have an hour of prime gardening time after I get off work and before I pick up Jeff. After that it gets dark out. Therefore I've been rushing home on sunny days (or days where it's not actively pouring on my head) and pulling early weeds like a fiend. It may not officially be gardening season quite yet, but I'm thinking of it as a pre-emptive strike.

Great unholy clots of creeping ranunculus (those strangling tenacious little devils) are my main target at the moment. I've really been putting some energy into this mission. I figure if I pull (annihilate) a hundred a day....gee, in only 6854 more days I should be getting ahead of them. grumble grumble

I remember when I was a child being asked to dig up dandelions out of the lawn. Sometimes I'd pretend I was a gigantic monster coming along and capturing little dandelion people with my dandelion-digger. Bloodthirsty, perhaps, but it made weeding more fun. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought along those lines. Even today, I know people who are quite bloodthirsty about annihilating dandelions.

Anyway, as you can see from my photos, there are a few prettier things in the flower-beds right now. Snowdrops, yellow cowslips, and purple primroses are all blooming here and there. And the greenery from bulbs are poking through too.

Two weeks ago I put in one hundred and ninety-five late tulip bulbs. They were fifty percent off at the nursery and the clerk assured me I could still put them in if I did it right away so they could still have a little bit of winter cold before they bloomed. I've never planted them so late, so we shall see.

It was a wonderful work-out, planting all those bulbs. Bending and squatting and twiting.Better than the gym. I could barely move the next day. :)

If you really need to do a bit of gardening, but you can't get outdoors yet, you can grow (or kill) your own little virtual plant while playing the Window Box game. To date I've raised a number of sad-looking plants at this site over the years. I've started naming them things like Poor L'il Thing and What's-the-Use .

Sigh, I need to put a sticky note on the computer to remind me to water them.


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

I have recently rescued a six-foot tall fig tree from the garage, where it's owner stuck it last year. The poor thing has had no light or heat in ages, most of the leaves are gone, and the few that remain are blackened and twisted.

Needless to say, Shawn thinks it's a hopeless case, and is rather grumbly about the fact that this monstrosity now lives in our kitchen.

But I can't stand back and let it die, not without some effort at resuscitation. I've never been very good at growing plants, but I have discovered a talent for rescuing plants... as long as I get them to a point where they're strong and healthy again, and give them away before I'm responsible for their day-to-day well-being, they seem to be fine.

And let me just admit, I covet your garden, although I'm the first to admit that, were it mine, it would be a wasteland of dirt and wizened plant remains. :)

that girl in pink said...

spider girl! i just noticed you and i share a love for the book "my family and other animals." now we also share a common blog topic, cuz you've been tagged! check out my blog for details.

happy gardening!

blackcrag said...

Happy gardening, indeed! I miss gardening, and having a garden to garden in.

I don't even have my house plants with me. On my visits home I've noticed my African Violet betrayed me by flowering for my mother when it never would for me. Treacherous little *^&$^#^%*%!!!

I'll look up your on-line plant thingy when I have my own computer set up again.

Tai said...

I think you missed a spot.

(Just kidding!)

Love the snowdrops, even I has two wee snowdrops blooming on my balconey the other day...huzzah!

Kimber, once I gave Spider a little fig, she named it Zombie and saved it's life.

Hey, how is Zombie these days?

nicki said...

i like the pictures..especially the first one with the ladybug in it..hehhe so cute!! happy gardening!! we've got SOOO much snow here right now :( bla.

Ms.L said...

Oooooh pretty!
We're still covered in snow.Thanks for the Spring!

Valkyrie said...

I enjoy your blog as well! You're one of the people I visit daily.

[Mat] said...

I wish I had the green Thumb.

Every plant I touch goes to waste. I just don't like it that much :)

Thankfully, I have a wonderful gardener of a girlfriend.

It's a win-win situation. I do the renos, she does the gardening :)

Pretty stereotypic, now that I think of it.

good day!

Sherry said...

I have also already stated in my yard a few weeks back... Now we are suppose to have a cold spell come through this weekend... :(
It's going to kill all of my hard work.

OB Juan said...

Just because it is gardenning season there (isn't it always?) doesn't mean you have to rub it in the faces of those who live in places still expecting snow....

Is that a weed I see in that picture? UGH - I hate weeds.

I worked in a Nursery(no, not with kids) for 7 years - I love plants!

Tim Rice said...

Loved your gardening pictures. They're inspiring.

keeks said...

Aw...even though it's not really started yet you can tell it's a beautiful garden...I'm jealous!

My dog ruined our garden (he's a digger). I have lots of nice houseplants he hasn't killed yet though :)

Crystal said...

I'm big on houseplants and in summer I maintain a balcony garden. I didn't realize Spring came so soon in Canada, in Chicago we have to wait 'till nearly April!

Candace said...

We very optimistically planted some seeds in a starter box today. Even though I know that in 4 weeks that cats will have eaten all the little sprouties. :-/ Happens every year. . . :oP