Thursday, August 03, 2006

Linda on Stage (and Going Into Battle)

I had a conversation with my friend Linda this evening and realized I hadn't seen or talked to her since the beginning of July when she belly-danced on stage at the local Canada Day celebrations.

How does this happen? How does the summer fly by like that?

Anyway, since it's much easier to give my friend the photos I took of her via my blog rather than clogging up her mailbox with vast photo attachments, I'm just going to post them so everybody can enjoy them too.

Keep in mind, Linda ,that I was sitting halfway to the back of the theatre and I couldn't use a flash, but I hope you enjoy them. You looked smashing!

Linda has both an amazing book collection and a vast wardrobe of bellydance and medieval-reenactment costumes that I am very happy to borrow upon occasion, as well as yards and yards of gorgeous fabrics, scarves, and veils... so my thoughts and best wishes are with her tonight as she goes into battle against an invasion of silverfish in her new home. I don't want to sound bloodthirsty and unkind to small creatures, but in this case: Kill 'em all!

Those little pests are a book-lover's nightmare. They like to eat the starch from book-bindings (yum!) and wreak all sorts of havoc with fabrics too. They are a nightmare to eradicate.

I know. I suffered an invasion myself once in the old house on England Ave.

I was trying to remember how we got rid of them and wondered aloud to Jeff. "I think we just moved, didn't we?" was the reply. Oh dear.

I remember they were so quick that you could seldom get a good look at them--just a squiggling flash of movement. And they left sort of a nasty dusty, flaky residue wherever they had been lurking.

Ugh. I'm not squeamish about insects, but these little guys have all the charm of fleas and tsetse flies in my book.

Anyway, Linda, you are perfectly correct: you can get rid of them by micro-waving your books! Who knew?! (Not that I doubted you, dearie....) :)


Lily said...

I read your blog and I loved it I hope you check my blogs out to check you later keep up the good work

Hope said...

Beautiful pictures! I guess microwaving beats moving....but maybe that depends on how many books you have!

Ms.L said...

I did not know that about silverfish!
I kind of liked the little buggers..til now. I like books more!

Tai said...

Amazing red on red ... lovely lovely stuff.

KILL 'EM ALL!!! (I despise silver fish...wish I had time to microwave ALL my book!)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting those pix, m'dear! I've got'em saved now, for posterity. Actually, I like having a record so that I know what costume I used, as well as what music.

As for those... bugs... I have what amounts to a library (it's mostly medieval, about a third dance, and the rest is textile arts), so bug-free is -good-. (Let's not even -think- about the fabric stash and the costumes...) I'm setting traps!

Linda, wanting a code-name like everyone here...

missy said...

Hi spidergirl!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I took belly dancing lessons this year. I'll keep my eyes open for the next class.

You sound like a fun girl with all that interest in medieval re-enactment. That is wicked. Can I come and play!

I'll be back ;-)

Zambo said...

Hi Spider Girl!

I hope all is well these days!

I'm trying to catch up on all my Blogger buddies...

Congratulations on the car and to your brother on entering married life!

That spa party seemed like a lot of fun!

I like your cat's style!

I hope your pal Linda is able to eradicate those dreaded silverfish.

Take care out there, Spider Girl!

Your Pal,


Crystal said...

I saw a silverfish for the 1st time while in Africa, there was one one on the bed (probally feeding on the wood frame) and when I hit it the little bug sort of turned to dust. I hope your friend will have luck with eradicating the infestation, those bugs are UGLY!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. i love to actually see a belly dancer in person.

Dagoth said...
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Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

Nothing like recipes for microwaving silver fish...:)

Anyone with medieval reenactment costumes is ok with me...

dragonflyfilly said...

hello hello, i shall have to send Susan over here, perhaps it will get her out of her doldrums and help her get motivated for her exhibition in two weeks time!

i'm taking a wee break (from my first set of lessons - too hot for me), hopefully i can enroll in September.

cheers for now,

Liz said...

I realized as I was reading this and looking at the pictures I was starting to shake my hips. ??