Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coffins as Interior Design... and More

Floating Bed Don't sleep on this one if you have a lot of piercings. Or if you have a lot of dust-bunnies. But really, if you have one of these in your bedroom, you're just trying to go that extra mile for weirdness's sake, right?

Playhouses for the Silver-Spooned Set In hindsight, it seems my childhood was much deprived. My playhouse was made of twigs.

Coffin Furniture Coffins. They're not just for lying around in anymore. Actually, I've long thought that for the amount of money you pay for a coffin, you should really try to get some use out of it beforehand.

I rather liked the carry-on luggage on this site. But alas, I fear it may be just a little pretentious and maybe it's not such a good idea to single yourself out in airports in these strange days.


:phil: said...

I saw the Floating Bed on the Internet the other day. How strange. I guess one can see if opposites really do attract :-)
As far as the coffin furniture goes,
I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing..

gnightgirl said...

If I had that bed in my house, I'd just have to find somewhere else to put all of my shoes (currently in under-the-bed rolly storage thingies).
I'll save my $1.2 mil for something more sensible. Maybe a nice camera.

Donna said...

Now that's what I call shopping! Bringing anything on an airplane that looks like a coffin probably wouldn't go over well with the security screeners these days. Oh, and my forts were made out of old blankets and clothes pins.

Modern Viking said...

Those playhouses are ridiculous! $87,000 to "inspire little imaginations to explore?" Kids' imaginations don't need that much inspiration! Victor Hugo said it best: "Like birds building nests, so will children make dolls out of whatever comes to hand." Imagination doesn't need to be bought!

That bed would be fun though :)

Grant said...

I really liked the Slayer coffins. You should definitely get the carry-on luggage for your next flight. Dress as the Grim Reaper so it doesn't look out of place. Also, you can help the stewardesses welcome everybody aboard. "You're doomed - doomed - definitely doomed."

Zambo said...

Hey Spider Girl!

Those links are pretty cool...but a $47,000 fort seems a little much...Or $87,510 for a "Tumble Outpost" seems wrong on a lot of levels too...

And a bed for $1.54 Million also seems crazy...but can one really put a price on a good night's sleep?

Take care out there!

Your Pal,


Crystal said...

Those $35,000 dollhouses are disguting, I mean, come on! After my travels to Africa I think I'll never be able to look at competitive consumerism the same again.