Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sticky the Crow

We were out for a walk last evening with Loki the Dog when we met some friendly crows.
We had just turned up Camp Road, a semi-rural stretch lined with ramshackle character homes and potters' studios when a crow soared straight towards us at eye-level before alighting in the canopy of trees above us. We regarded it curiously for a few moments before walking on because it had struck us as quite unusual behaviour from a wild bird.
Loki and Jeff and I had walked a little further when a golden-coated lab came onto the street barking at us. Loki was so well-behaved!
Anyway, the owners called out to us from their yard, saying Goldie was quite friendly. I couldn't help but notice that the man had a beautiful black bird perched on his arm.
I love crows. They may be a common sight but I've had a fondness for them for a long time. Back in high school my friends and I would go out to the field at lunch hour and share our food with them. We got quite a black-winged following that year.
They have an intelligent, cocky, mysterious air about them, and I've always privately thought of them as a little bit magical.
Sticky the Crow hopped readily onto my arm as we talked with his human about how he had come to have two pet crows. (The crow that had swooped low over our heads and into the trees was Sticky's nest-mate.) I loved the feeling of his little black feet on my arm. His little black eyes seemed to regard me curiously, and I suspect he was definitely eyeing up my shiny earrings too.
A few years back this man had been crossing some recently-cleared land and had come across a fallen tree which had taken its load of crow chicks to the ground with it. The two beautiful birds we saw tonight were the survivors.
We talked a few minutes before moving on. Sticky's friend says that it's nice how everybody who passes through has a crow memory to share.
As we walked away, the two crows kept up with us for a while, hopping along the telephone wires above.
I love meeting interesting people (and birds) by chance. Obviously dog-walking has its benefits, at least in sunny weather. Thanks to Kim for letting us be dog-sitters this weekend! :)


Tai said...

What a lovely post!
I recall my own 'pet' crows fondly too...(I wonder why 'Sticky' was so named. Stickbugs I can see, but a crow?)
As much as crows seem to be despised, I, too, can't help but love them.

Mel said...

WowI have never seen a tame crow before! Nevermore LOL

Get Off My Lawn! said...

All rooks are probably the smartest birds on the planet. I think that's why they're reviled. In some ways, they're smarter than us. They know things we'll never understand. Just watch your eyes when they swoop at you like that. I've been attacked on a few occasions (my fault, not theirs). They'll go for the eyes if they think you're after their chicks.

Spider Girl said...

Sticky was so named because he often got into the kind of trouble whereupon he came back home with things stuck to him--in one case it was pieces of velcro, another time his tail feathers got into a mouse-trap.

Crazy Me said...

I love odd encounters like this. They make life beautiful.

Bella said...

That is too cool. I love animals/birds/fish... you get the point!

BTW, thanks for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading yours. Love the belly dancing stuff too! :)


Greeneyes said...

What a great photo and story , thanks for visiting me I will be back ,love the pics and belly dancer costumes fantastic


Anonymous said...

OK! I wrote a sonnet about the corvus family! If you go to:
click on "Raven's Cry" to see the calligraphy, and "Documentation" under that for the sonnet in non-calligraphy, and a short discussion on the "meanings" of the crow family.
You have such cool experiences!

Ms.L said...

Oh Spider Girl,how lovely!
I have dreamed and dreamed of a crow or raven in that manner and seeing you with one fills me with excitement! What a perfect experience!

Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

It's a pretty rare thing to have a wild bird perched on your arm. I wouldn't call them domesticated just because they were raised from chicks. I'm glad you got to keep your ear rings...

I encountered crows while down in Mexico, but they don't sound like our crows... Must be the Spanish accent...

Pol* said...

They are my favourite birds, i am so jealous you got to hold one (that was healthy and friendly)