Sunday, July 08, 2007

Los Lobos on the Wind, and Reaping the Rewards of a Garage Sale at the Garden Centre

If you stood on my deck about eleven o'clock on Friday night, you would have heard the band Los Lobos performing down the street in my neighbour's garage.
Well, that's what it sounded like. You could hear the song they were playing, but the sound was a bit muffled.
Actually Los Lobos were playing Clear Across Town at the Island Music Fest, but acoustics in my neighbourhood seem to spookily funnel the sound right down my street. I wonder how many streets in my town got a free concert this weekend.
Of course, every time a car went by, the quality of my listening experience went down, but I lay in bed with the patio door open and fell asleep listening.
So I was up late, and then up again early for my garage sale.
A few posts back (you may recall), my previous garage sale was rained out, but this one absolutely wasn't.
I was out there on my front drive hawking junk by quarter to seven in the morning... Oh,sure, my advert in the newspaper claimed I opened for business at nine, but I'm not willing to turn away people giving me money even if it's at an ungodly hour.
So, after a busy sale, I had some Guilt-Free Spending Money ear-marked for the garden and burning a hole in my pocket, and today Kim and her mom went to the garden centre with me to help me spend it.
I really REALLY wanted to buy oodles and oodles of plants, (I was all geared up to casually drop a hundred bucks or so), but (alas ) Kim's mom lately remembered that the back of her van was actually full already and I had to cut my spree short.
Nonetheless! I emerged with two large pots of gallardia (blanket flower), three pots of golden tickseed, and five containers of a campanula called Carpathian Bellflowers.
And I still have plenty of Garage Sale money left to spend.....
I spent a warm July evening out planting and watering my new additions to the garden.
On Friday evening (before the Los Lobos concert), I actually went to another (proper) concert with my mom. But before we went to see the Cantiamo choir sing, Mom took me on a tour of her own garden.
It's looking fabulous! It has a sort of Mediterranean theme going with lots of lavender and coreopsis and creative use of gravel. I thought I'd post some photos of it.
Ahem, also pictured is the fat black bunny that lives under the cedar tree in her front yard. Yes, my mom has a beautiful garden, but it is fraught with munching bunnies.


Oh, I thought I'd post this picture too as I've just met this plant.
I saw it for the first time last weekend when I was wandering around Victoria with Tai, peering admiringly into people's front yards.
This is a tree poppy, and it's taller than I am. Absolutely magnificent.
I mention it particularly because I saw a much younger and less impressive version of it at the nursery today. I would've have gasped at the price tag of the specimen if I hadn't recently seen its potential.
No, wait, I still gasped....
Drat, but plants are expensive. (Either that, or people just want to give them to you for free. There is seemingly no middle ground.)


jmb said...

I can see where you get your gardening genes. Mum is setting you a good example.
I love coreopsis with their lovely bright yellow colour and buy them often. They are supposed to be perennials but never are for me, just the one year and they don't appear next year. Of course slugs just love them so perhaps they are demolished before I notice them and put out slug bait.

Ms.L said...

That tree poppy is amazing!
I never knew such a thing existed..

All your photos are gorgeous!
I have a problem with plants too,I tend to go crazy in garden centres:)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

It kind of looks like an egg. Sunny side up!
Beautiful garden.

Pol* said...

I am surprised that you are spending money on plants.... I guess I shouldn't be, but I am.

I got nicely scratched to pieces scaling my cliff through the blackberries to survey the top yesterday. T doesn't understand why I want to go up there so much... the view is stunning and its my own hard-won bit of wilderness. Worth the scrapes

Josie said...

I have never seen a tree poppy before. It's spectacular. How much did it cost, if you don't mind my asking. What gorgeous photos. Your garden looks just as lovely as your Mom's (minus the bunny...)


Spider Girl said...

Josie, it was $26.99.

Not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, however the one for sale was just a frail little stem and wilted-looking to boot.

And Pol, I've always had a weakness for buying plants. But I only let it loose when the travelling bug is out of my system temporarily and I'm not power-saving for the next trip. :)

Crazy Me said...

I have serious garden envy!

Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

It's amazing how expensive plants (that by the way started growing freely in the wild) can be... It seems to me there is something wrong when you have to actually pay for them. You should go to the plant store and demand they be set free...

Garden Lily said...

I'm scared to visit garden centres anymore, I do most of my plant dreaming and craving online now (like that wonderful tree poppy)... You should start up a Plant Swap in your area, post something on GardenWeb or UBC Botanical Garden forums, and stir up some interest. It is a great way to get plants FREE, make friends who are just as crazy about plants, and find homes for the seedlings which pop up all over the garden and you probably don't have the heart to pull out.