Monday, July 23, 2007

Deer (Lilies on the Menu)

Now if this were my garden, I probably wouldn't have stood by in delight, watching all the little deer nibble their way through my lily patch.

No, I'd probably be clapping my hands and making all sorts of hissing/shooing sounds and motions. I'd probably have smoke coming out of my ears.

But this was not my garden, and so I just wandered by the little darlings in peace as they grazed and as I killed time waitng for the Pacific Jazz Festival to begin last week at the Filberg Park.

P.S. I am adding more to this post after reading gnightgirl's comment about deer being rather unpredictable. Once upon a time, not very far away from these lily-eating deer, my friend was driving slowly by a golf course with his car windows down. And a deer jumped through the window and into the car.

Yes. It happened. And my friend vacated his car as quickly as he could. The beast was not at all happy about its new location and had sharp, panicky flying hooves. Fortunately, it all ended happily with my friend just being scratched up a little and the deer escaping and furthermore swearing off jumping in small automobiles thereafter.


Gnightgirl said...

They are pretty cute. I'd be scared to death to shoosh and flap at one though; haven't you ever seen those videos where they kick you to death? I think they're on one of those Funniest Home Video shows. Hilarrrious. Deers be dangerous!

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Great pictures, Spider! Love those lilies!

Deer have ravaged my parent's garden, eating everything in sight, which has forced them to put up rings of wire fencing -- which really gives the garden a "Martha Stewart concentration camp" sort of ambience!

Crazy Me said...

I don't know why but deer freak me out just a little. Weird.

Pol* said...

yumm.... venison.

Why do they just look so darn'd delicious to me?

I guess I will just never be a vegetarian. Though I confess I get squeamish sometimes walking down the meat aisle at the grocery store, and the easy choices of hormone injected antibiotic fed domesticated fare leaves a terrible dread in the pit of my stomache -- I guess if I go veggie it will simply be to rebel against the over production of livestock.

WOW that was a tangent!

In short, the garden is lovely the volunteer-bambi-gardeners are very sweet, and how was the jazz festival after all?

Hageltoast said...

great pictures!!

Ms.L said...

According to the oldtimers,you tell a city person(newcomer) from a country person in Williams Lake by the way the city people get excited to see the deer in the garden,as opposed to the country people who shoot them. Yikes!
I myself believe it's nice to share;p

Tai said...

Oh DEAR! (sorry, had to get that in)

Anonymous said...

Story 1:
Deer grazing. Cat stalks deer, slowly, carefully, cautiously, gathers energy... SPRINGS! Deer goes up with all 4 legs in the air, lands, sees the cat, goes back to grazing.

Story 2:
Deer grazing. Cat stalks deer, slowly, carefully, cautiously, gets to the deer... looks up... looks waaaayyyy up... slowly and carefully... backs away...


Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

Now how come the deer that roam through my back yard won't pose like that for my camera? So far all I have is blurry pictures of them...