Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whoosh. Kablooie. Sigh.

That's the sound of the pouring rain cancelling my garage sale this morning. I can hear the weatherman's quiet mocking laughter for (firstly) believing his forecast earlier in the week that Saturday would be cool and sunny, and then for furthermore doubting him last night when he started saying that an enormous rainstorm would dump on my plans this morning. I was out in the garden late last evening and it was a gorgeous warm evening at that.
BAH! That's the sound of me cursing weathermen in general, and the fact that I'm down six dollars in garage sale advertisement fees.
Yes, and this weekend is also the time for the Denman Home & Garden Tour---those poor, poor gardeners who worked so hard to get their gardens in shape for it! I feel so bad for them!
I procrastinated on buying a ticket this time because I like to go with someone and everybody I asked was otherwise occupied this weekend. I guess that's the bright side: I'm down six dollars from the news ad, but I didn't buy the fifteen dollar tour ticket. Hmmm......that means *furrowed brow*, I'm up nine bucks.
Sigh. Not enough to cheer me up because....
KABLOOIE! KABLOOIE! *honk snort cough* That's the sound of Spider Girl waking up with a horrible sore throat and cold this morning.
And what's more I had a garage sale anxiety dream last night. Yes, that's a sign of my inner mental workings.
I dreamed that I slept in late on my garage sale day and when I woke up I heard irate voices outside wondering where I was. I leapt out of bed and ran out on my balcony, and there were all these people in my yard carrying various posessions of mine around in their arms that were NOT part of the garage sale. I tried to call down to them but my voice was so hoarse I couldn't talk (that part of the dream was prophetic anyhow).
I ran out willy-nilly in my pajamas and decided to sell the stuff anyway they were holding to them anyways, just to placate the crowd. In the dream I made pots of money, but it wasn't a very fun time.


Tai said...

Oh no! That's awful!
I hope you feel better in time for your next garage sale!

(And if people are going to be running off with your belongings, can you try to make sure no one takes my painting? Or if they do, get a good price for it, ok?)

Spider Girl said...

NOBODY runs off with my (Er, I mean YOUR) painting! :)

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

That SUCKS! I'm sorry you're feeling crappy this morning, and that your garage sale plans went ka-plooie, and I'm sorry too that I couldn't accompany you on the Denman Tour (but I only feel a little bit bad, considering how miserable it is out there.... fer shure, we go, next year!)

Anonymous said...


Sorry your not feeling well. It's
probably just as well that the weather didn't cooperate, or you would have had to deal with all
those irate customers at the garage sale and really feel bad about missing the Garden Tour.
Love Mom
I must say congratulations to my
other daughter and her beau!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

We had a big garage sale last summer in Comox. People DID wander around perusing things that weren't part of the sale. Someone tried to buy my mom's mower and I even had to shoo a few people out of the house! Never again! The yard sale crowd in the valley are like... seagulls! Throw one crumb and there's a hundred of them, and with no manners. Invest in a pellet gun. Down eighty dollars, up a whole lot of satisfaction from shooting looters!

Mel said...

what a classic anxiety dream! I hate those kind of dreams you wake up exhausted!

OK I have waited and was patient but what oh what is the good news???

susan said...

The thought of all those people getting their grubby paws all over my former treasures gives me the heeby jeebies! I'd rather donate stuff than deal with all the people.

I hope you are feeling better.

Pol* said...

Yes, terrible terrible stuff. I hope next weekend is better. I got to go to Gabriola (down $39.80!) and attend a birthday party (up 3 kinds of icecream and strawberry shortcake).

blackcrag said...

Sorry ou're under the weather, hun. Hope it passes quickly.

What an odd dream. Worrying, but it should have been a relief to wake up.

The Egg said...

Good luck with the sales! Get well soon.