Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back From Italy...

I'm back from Italy!

I'd love to go on about it, but alas my inner clock is all screwed up and nine o'clock feels like my new bed-time until the jet lag wears off.

So I leave you with two photos from my trip to symbolize my drifting mental state at the moment: sleepy poppies in a lane in Siena, and a picture taken from the plane of a wee Italian island floating in the Mediterranean crowned with a little cloud.


BostonPobble said...

What amazing pictures! I can't wait to hear more ~ and I'm *so* glad you're back so you can blog again. Because what's a trip to Italy compared to being able to post blogs for the Pobble to read. It is, afterall, all about me. :)

Sugar Booger said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read about your trip! The photos are stunning!

Josie said...

Spider, gorgeous photos! I didn't realize you had posted from Italy as well. As you can see, everyone wants to hear all about it. Details, we want details.

I love the little puffy cloud.


Ms.L said...

Ohh wow!

jmb said...

Spider Girl your back. Ben tornata! I didn't know you were posting while away. I am looking forward to some more great photos and lots of details.
Oh jet lag, still worse going than coming back.