Friday, June 29, 2007

Auntie Spider Girl

Here's a picture of me and my cat, trying to get some reading done.

One of my dear friends recently complained that I'm not blogging enough--how will she keep track of what I've been up to lately?!

Maybe I've been reading too much? (I've only gone through five or six books in the last two weeks, so that can't be it...) :)

Anyway, I thought I'd make a mini post of some random things to catch her (everybody) up to date.

1. I am a new Auntie! Jeff's sister had her baby three weeks early, and we are off to Victoria see our new niece tomorrow. Her name is Avery.

While in Victoria I'll also get to see the new house Tai and Chris are renting--I've been advised to bring my gardening shears so perhaps it will be a working weekend...

2. Adam and Kira visited me and snapped up twelve pots of the windflowers on offer from two posts back. Bless 'em! I need the room in my garden. I have planted all the new dianthus and lavender that my mom treated me to--the dianthus plants have names like Rasberry Swirl and Strawberry Sorbet , makes me hungry just reading the tags.

Kira also informed me (after consulting her GPS) that I have three geo cache sites within 500 metres of my house. Treasure, of sorts. Intriguing, no?

3. I have given my notice at the Dentist Job. Now that I'm back from Italy (and don't have to supplement my income for the purposes of spending it on gelato and knock-off Prada purses), I feel no need for having two jobs. I am forseeing soft and warm summer evenings where I'd much rather be out grubbing in the garden than rinsing off bloody pliers.

4. And after I gave my notice, I serendipitously learned that I was getting a raise at my daycare job. It's the first real one in eleven years (I didn't count the 5 cent and 10 cent raises respectively) so I just about fell off the chair I was sitting on when I heard.

I had to leave that staff meeting early to get to one of my last shifts at the dentist, and I let our new administrator know that I had to be going to my other job by seven.

He said: "Why did the daycare worker cross the road?"

Me: Why?

Him: "To get to her second job."

I was all prepared to laugh politely and then think bitter twisted thoughts about being underpaid, but then he gave me the good news.

Well, I'm still underpaid most likely, but I'm happier in the moment.

Okay, I blogged! Now back to my book! (Don't worry, Mom, I'm almost finished with 1000 days in Tuscany. You know, the problem is I read more than one at a time....


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Congratulations on the newest niece! Pass along my happy wishes to the brand new mom!

What?!? You're going to Tai's and Chris' to garden and weed-whack? Damn. I was going to try to rope you two into building a fence... :D

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Congrats on the neice. No one has told me about any new house! Doesn't he love me anymore?

You know, the Band I work for will pay $45 000 per year. Up in Kwadatcha (70km north), they're paying even more. Don't know what Jeff would do... unless he wants to manage the store. Just a thought.

BostonPobble said...

YAY a niece!

YAY visiting!

YAY the garden!

YAY a raise!

YAY YAY YAY Spider blogging!!!!!!

Pol* said...

...sigh.... that's better. Now I feel informed. Congrats on the Aunty title (again) and on the raise and the letting go of bloddy pliers for the summer too! I would like some plants please, but I will have to think of WHERE they will go. I love the English garden jungle look, so I am sure you can help.

Crazy Me said...

I'm a multi-reader too. It drives my boy bonkers and he can't understand how I track everything. I guess women are better multi-taskers!

Ms.L said...

Congratulations on all your good news!

My dianthus is blooming like crazy! Such a cheerful plant:)

Candace said...

Welcome, little Avery! :) Congratulations! Now you get to use your raise to shop for little girl things. :) (are you keeping your job now?)

Bearette24 said...

Congratulations on your new niece!! Babies are exciting.

I love cats, although I'm allergic to them. Yours looks especially cozy.