Thursday, March 29, 2007


Perche ride? Parlo tante male l'italiano?
Translation: Why are you laughing? Is my Italian that bad?
I just know they are phrases that will come in handy in Italy....thanks for the new phrasebook,, grazie, Mama, I mean. :)
Just before I went to Italy in 2003 I took a class in conversational Italian. Since then most of it has flown right out of my head alas.
It didn't help that I've taken French classes since. Ah, the Romance languages...all lying around lanquidly tangled up in my brain waiting to be retrieved in halting sentences delivered in pigeon-turistico speak.
I'm a little embarrassed NOT to be bilingual actually. The European friends I know usually speak at least two languages and sometimes three, as well as a smattering of anything that borders them.
Of course, in Europe one could conceivably get in a car and drive through several countries with different languages before stopping for the night whereas in west coast Canada you have to drive a long, long time before this becomes an issue.
Anyway, that's not a very good excuse so I'm carrying my Italian books with me every day on my coffee break... it's nice to at least try and speak Italian when you're in Italy.
I remember a fellow laughing behind a take-out food stand in Capri after I did my best to order in Italian: "Oh, you speak-a Italian! I'm-a going to give-a you a bigger piece of pizza! "
I miss Italy. :)
Most Amusing Compliment Received in Italy: "You are more beautiful than Barbie!"
38 more days till we go and counting!


Hageltoast said...

oh lovely, we are considering Italy for the honeymoon, M wants to see where his family came from. Have an incredible time!

H.E.Eigler said...

That's the thing with languages - you lose it if you don't use it! Good luck on scoring bigger pizza! I can't wait to see pictures :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh, pleeeasse, find Internet cafes in Italy and blog from there! I love vicarious travel.

Pol* said...

hooray, the countdown is in DAYS now instead of months!

blackcrag said...

Keep practicing. It sounds good. Do you ahve your passport and tickets in hand yet?

Tai said...

Sono Canadese!!

I know a few other 'expressions' too.
I'll teach them to you! They'll be fun to use.

kira said...

I find that when I can't speak the language, the locals like it if I talk English with their accent....It both amuses and seem to have the fake eyetalian pizza voice down

Zambo said...

Buon giorno, ragazza del ragno!

I hope all is well these days and wish you luck with the Italian. The countdown's on, huh! You must be pretty excited.

Coming back from a great trip can be tricky though...(I've been in a bit of a funk since returning from Australia...but that's just me)...

Take care out there!

Your Pal,


Sienna said...

Ha ha...speaking in tongues!

What fun and how beautiful Italy is, my favorite, Florence, (Firenze).

I found the Europeans very forgiving for me butchering their languages. In Paris I had a little cafe shop I would regularly buy my bread and milk, it was run by the sweetest Italian man...who asked me in French how was I enjoying Paris...(I was practising my Italian on him) which totally confused me and I answered him in half Italian, half French "I wanted a Paris lover"....I had meant to say "I love Paris"...(not rocket science) ...everyone in the shop laughed so much and I heard this booming Australian male voice say, "You have to be an Australian! That is definitely an Aussie!"

I wandered through Europe putting my foot in my mouth and they were all mostly so helpful and amused, except the Policeman in Munich.

I understand your dilemma completely, have fun and keep practising.

38 days will go quick!