Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bellydance Party

If you want to be invited to a lot of parties, become a bellydancer. Every time you turn around someone wearing sequins is looking for a happy excuse to get everybody together to dance.

There was a very fun hafla (bellydance party) up in Campbell River last night. Even though I've thought of myself as unofficially out of the bellydance loop (the last show I danced in was in June), I still got an invite. Somebody has to be sitting in the the audience after all I reckoned.

But, wouldn't you know it, I ended up dancing at the party after all.

Most of my old troupe (the Yalla Gypsies) were there (except for Emily who's climbing in the Himalayas) so it was bound to happen.

Yes, Chris just happened to have the music for one of our old choreographies with her.

But! (I protested) I can't even remember the tune to Santiago. But! It's been two years since I danced this piece. But! I didn't bring a costume.

None of that mattered apparently. Glasses of wine in hand, we went over the choreography:

Three-point turn this way...chest circle chest circle...spin back the other way...hip circle hip circle.....fiiiiiigure eighhhtttt.....OH! now I remember! Grapevine step...ah yes! It was all coming back.

Oh sure it was unpolished, but it was merry fun to be up dancing again. The hostess lent me a gypsy skirt and Sherry lent me a tasselled scarf and away we went.

Alas, no pictures of us dancing to share with you, but I did take these one's of the Campbell River troupe.

So Much Fun!

I don't think you can beat the fun factor of a roomful of bellydancers hamming it up to the Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian ".

We danced, we ate, we drummed, we played with veils....I'm sure you can't help but note how the polka-dot dress I was wearing under my veil only added to the Mystery-of-the-Orient-like atmosphere I was trying to convey. :)


skillz said...

The Bangles was the first album I ever had... Walk Like An Egyption was a corker!

[eric] said...

Nevermind the polka dots! It's the eyes behind the veil...

Tai said...

Hmmm....Eris is RIGHT!

p.s. I didn't think they ALLOWED belly dancing in Campbell River.
Unless they were dancing in macs and jeans jackets, perhaps?
Times they are a changin'.

Mel said...

sounds like so much fun!

Josie said...

My goodness you lead exciting lives over there on Vancouver Island...!

geewits said...

Wow! A fellow belly dancer! Thanks for visiting my blog. You said you hadn't danced since June. My last dance was May of 1995! Now I want to dig up a photo and post about that. Those were fun times. And I totally got how the music brought it right back for you. I almost feel like I could dance the dance I did that May. Now I want to go look at my costume. Thanks for the great memories.

geewits said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, veil dancing was my favorite but I SUCKED at zils. I still have them, though!

Mike said...

Bellydance party... Another thing to add to my list of things to do before I die.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, yes, polka dots always add mystery! What great fun your evening sounds like. You make me want to get up and spin around.

Mel said...

Happy Easter Spider girl!