Monday, January 15, 2007

My Grandma Baby-sat Lily Munster

"Speaking of degrees of separation", my mother remarked casually during conversation this evening, "Did you know that your grandma Isabelle used to baby-sit Yvonne De Carlo?"

My grandma took care of Lily Munster as a preschooler?

Indeed, no. I did not know that!

Apparently the actress Yvonne De Carlo, who was everybody's favourite vampire mom back in the sixties, (and who just passed away recently) was a Canadian born in Vancouver.

I love that Six Degrees of Separation theory. I really do. We are all connected.

To the Munsters! * the gothy teenaged part of myself giggles in glee*


Tai said...

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

(And HOW, by the way, can parents be so casual about such things, anyway?!?)

Hageltoast said...

the goth in me thinks that's completely awesome!