Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After Hours at the Dentist

So it seems I have landed an evening job to supplement my outrageous annual Euro-Vacation spending habits.

Yes, I am now moonlighting some nights now as the Girl Who Cleans Up After the Dentist.

Lots and lots of dangerously-poky instruments to sterilize first in the Mysterious Blue Ultra-Sonic Chemical Bath...then I seal them up neatly in little baggies....and then load them all up for a ride in Mr. Autoclave which is sort of like an ancient and finicky pressure cooker that must be gently coaxed into doing its job by fiddling with the little knobs.

'Tis an art, but not exactly rocket surgery I was assured by my friend Sherry who is training me this week and next.

And yes, I'm keeping my day job at the childcare centre.

But after seven hours of shrill little voices and soggy mittens, a few quiet hours at the dentist office after-hours may well be something to look forward to.


blackcrag said...

Ah, busy girl.

The things you do for travelling. But I guess it's a litle too damp for landscaping, your other side project, isn't it?

Tai said...

That autoclave really is prehistoric looking, isn't it!
I think I've seen a fossilized version of it somewhere.

I'm glad you have a second job now.
You can use the cash to partially fund my expenses for Italy.
How incredibly thoughtful of you!

Ms.L said...

Hey good for you!
It sounds like an interesting and satisfying job.
Poky things go in dirty...come out clean. Happy earning!

Pol* said...

More lucrative than the flea market in the off season!

I applaud your tenacity for travel!

[eric] said...

That thing looks like a microwave from the 60s!

H.E.Eigler said...

May you clean many tools and make much money for travel!

gnightgirl said...

I'm sure that you are now qualified to clean my teeth, at a discount price, of course. I'll be there tuesday.

I've been considering a 2nd job also, to knock out some credit card debt...so that I can get about building it back up again.

stroker said...

Busy, busy, busy!! Hope this means you're able to do much worry-free travelling!!

Tim Rice said...

I've sometimes thought about getting a second job to supplement my income; but it always makes me shudder to think how busy that would make me and what I would have to sacrifice to do that.

Hope all is well with you