Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seal Hunt Petition

So, here's wishing the weather was better this blowy,rainy Saturday as we gathered to protest the ongoing seal hunt in eastern Canada, and to support a bill that has been introduced to finally put an end to it.

I don't write on this blog nearly enough anymore, and so, good readers, I know there are probably not many of you who will read this that I don't see quite often already, but if I haven't given you a chance to sign my petition, let me know, and I'll have a pen and a nice cup of tea for you. :)

By the way, that's yours truly, in the upper right hand corner of that little photo collage above--that's not my number above, but if you want more information on Mac Harb's bill to end the seal hunt, you could not speak to a person more dedicated to helping animals.

Cheers, everybody! (I promise to write more often if y'all bug me more about it). :)


Pol* said...

(Pick myself up from a dead faint)I am not believing that you are posting!

It takes the slaughter of innocent cute critters to get you to post, eh? I am not sure how I feel about that.....

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Hey....I signed the petition, but I didn't get tea!!!! I demand tea! TEA FOR CUTE, CUDDLY LAND MAMMALS! (that's me)