Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shiny Things

Ah, an insulated stainless steel French coffee press that was being sold at a party I went to last night.....

Sleek-looking. Elegant. Its seductive siren-song promise to keep my coffee so much hotter.

And, drat it all, the little black crow in my head was happily shrieking Ooh! Shiny thing! Pretty shiny thing!

Obviously, while it wasn't only hours ago, such a thing is surely now essential to my life.

I decided it was. :)

Some of you who know me will now probably remind me that I'm supposed to be in the process of paring down, decluttering, simplifying. Yes, it's all true.

Which simply means in this case that I have a plain but perfectly functional glass coffee press that will now be up for grabs to the family member, friend, or neighbour who would appreciate it. Let me know.

Aside from this little splurge, I've been pretty good at getting rid of non-essentials lately. I recently attacked the Cupboard of Doom in my kitchen and reduced its contents by at least half. Many of the storage boxes in my basement are now completely empty and clothing items that are holdovers from the early nineties are being marched out the door.

However, I had a close-call weekend before last when Jeff and I were visiting down in Victoria with Tai and Chris (and even a surprise appearance of Kim and Shawn and Zoe). Our wanders took us through antique stores and upscale furniture emporiums and I was hard-pressed to look away from items like those pictured here.

Especially the tall black jewellry chest with doors that swung outwards to reveal hidden drawers and unexpected side panels and secret little hidey holes.'s a good thing to have friends to talk you down from impulse purchases.


Pol* said...

ooooooooo! What a pretty coffee pot! Really if you REPLACE an item with something you love more, then it is not adding clutter. And if the old press is still available next time I see you, I DEFINITELY want it, thank you.
The lure of fine furniture is really very hard for me as well. I seem to have a particular weakness for antique dressers and wardrobes (though my home doesn't even have one wardrobe). I am so impressed that you resisted!
BTW I get to go antiquing with the boys (I just tell them its like a museum that you can actually buy the artifacts at -- then they are all over it!)

Tai said...

The older I get, the more I enjoy looking at beautiful old furniture. I even find myself commenting on the lines and finish.

I wonder if one day I might actually enjoy cleaning the bathtub.
Ees not possible.

Spider Girl said...

Pol, if you'd like it, it's yours! :)

Dinah said...

that coffee pot is so pretty. All of that furniture is really nice. I need a bookshelf, I'm hoping to find a pretty one.

blackcrag said...

No, no, no! Do not give it away! Keep it, keep it keep it!

I know you are more a civilized tea drinker than coffee heathen like myself, but a French press is a must have for very kitchen!

It is the best way to make coffee. Fresh ground beans, hot water, a short wait and press down into liquid Heaven!

I cannot say enough about how great the coffee is from one of these little magi makers. What size is it?

グラント said...

I recommend FIRE as the solution to all your clutter issues.

Ms.L said...

I love your new pot!
I can totally see why you
could not resist:)

Chris said...

There is nothing wrong with collecting... with wanting something as opposed to needing it.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...



/furniture shop

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Reduced the doom by half. A good day indeed.

mellybrelly said...

I would be a bad friend to shop with.. I would encourage purchases.

Sugar said...

I am looking forward to the furniture shopping when we get out of "here". I think Hubby may feel differently (he may even be a little scared of what I might purchase) lol!

Beautiful coffee pot, very shiny.