Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Books, Books, Books

I sometimes think of a passage out of Roald Dahl's book " Danny, Champion of the World (a favourite childhood read), in which Danny's father (a keen naturalist as well as a pheasant poacher) explains to his son how birds have the amazing ability ability to hold onto a branch while they sleep. They close their eyes and fall asleep, but their little claws somehow hold on tight and keep them from falling from the tree.

I'm reminded of the scene from this book, occasionally, when I myself fall asleep holding onto something and I somehow manage to hold tight to it anyway. I'm not about to fall off a tree branch though. I will,however, maintain my Sleep -Grip of-Death on the book I am reading in the bathtub. As I slip peacefully beneath the bubbles, my fingers simply lock into place. I start awake at some point, and my book is still held high, with nary a soap bubble to mar the page.

I asssure you:

1. I have never yet dropped any book into the water.
2. And particularly I would never EVER drop your book that you lent me into the tub. Just so you feel more reassured about lending me your books.

I thought I'd post about this because it seems that a LOT of you are lending me, even giving me books lately.

Marvellous books.
Inspiring books.
Mediocre, but excellent-for-curing insomnia books.
Books that I might need to rush out and buy so I can own a copy myself.
Books that I'm sure glad I didn't spend thirty dollars on at the bookstore.
Books that I wished I'd written myself.
Books that I'm planning on recommending to my friends.

I've devoured ten books in the last two weeks.

Blogging? Er, oh yes, I should do that too sometime...

My boss at work has lately begun referring to me as "Belle". You know, from the animated movie, "Beauty and the Beast"?

Belle was always reading as she walked, and so do I. A co-worker said that some of them watch me returning from my coffee break and wonder how I'm able to walk without tripping over things or wandering into traffic.

Like my talent for not dropping books in the bathtub, so far so good. *Touch wood *

I walked home from work today reading The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. (It was lent to me by one co-worker who raved about it; another co-worker wrinkled her nose and told me the plot was sideways---me, I like it so far but my walk home only got me to chapter three).

I walked home last week accompanied by Ivan Doig's The Whistling Season, which was a thoughtful book with cozy characters, and I also particularly like a recent book of short stories by Elma Marston called Figs and Fate: Stories of Growing Up in the Arab World.

I also recently drooled over a book of architectural design and interiors called Northwest Style by Anne Wall Frank. Some books are just made to sigh over the photos.

Well, tonight (thanks to Chris lending me the entire series) I am taking Book Five of the Dresden Files to the bathtub with me. It may not be high literature, but it's
got a wizard's detective agency, werewolves, gangsters, plant-monsters, and great one-liners.

Keep lending me books, my friends! I love it!


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

"....werewolves, gangsters, plant-monsters, and great one-liners."

It sounds like an unbirthday weekend to me!

Thanks for the recommendations -- I've immersed myself in the Brother Cadfael mysteries and probably won't emerge until spring, but some of those titles of yours sounded great!


Where did you get that pic of the book bathtub? May I borrow it and send it to a friend? It is great.

blackcrag said...

I can't offer you the book, away over here as I am, but I can recommend an author: Patricia Briggs.

She should be right up the same alley as the Dresden Files; Werewolves, vampires and faery, oh my!

BostonPobble said...

Oooo! Not blogging because you're reading so much! What a lovely reason to not be blogging! And I, too, read while I walk. It's great, isn't it?????

Mel said...

I wish I had some of your friends :)

Let me know how the Jane austin book club is, I've been thinking bout getting that one.

Gnightgirl said...

Sometime in the last couple years, I went on a reading hiatus. I'm not sure why, just life changes, I think. New single life, new house to take care of, new people around me.

Oddly enough it's only been in the last 7 months or so, time that's been overwhelmingly busy for me, that I've been reading and finishing books again. Busier than ever and I'm squeezing in books?! It's because I'm so exhausted by 10 p.m. that I can only sit down and read for awhile.

Currently reading The Hummingbird's Daughter.

Tai said...

mmmmmm, boooookkkkkssssss

I do love me some books. And, like you, I love to re-read old favorites.
I'm reading a book about Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace (only one 'L' in Russel).
It's suspected that Darwin may have not given Wallace his due when developing "Origin" and that's where the controversy ensues.
It's GREAT! I love the stories around historical events. Brings the characters to life and gives depth to the time.

Ms.L said...

Oooh I need your skill!
I have ruined many a poor book with a bath tub 'incident'.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I can recommend Vincent Lam's "Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures". I didn't think 'd like it but it was pleasantly entertaining. Enjoy the Dresden Fles.

Bella said...

I love to read. Just wish i had more time. more time to read, more time to blog!

:) Bella

Sugar said...

Never could perfect the art of reading while walking. I always seemed to crash into things or people. Oh well. Enjoy your Dresden Files! (mmmm...mind candy)

Pol* said...

I love books to death. Quite literally (pun intended). I have ruined many a book with my passionate reading. Tubs, beds, abused corners. I wish it were different as I revere the written word and I love books so much! I TRY to keep them nice.... so DO NOT lend me books, just tell me what I MUST read and I will find it.

Josie said...

I have never read in the bathtub, but I regularly fall asleep with my light on, and wake up in the morning, the book still gingerly resting on my chest.

You have an interesting list of books.

Grant said...

After more than a year of pounding my head against the impenetrable wall that is Japanese culture, I think I learned more about them from reading James Clavell's Shogun (将軍) than I have from taking classes and participating in activities with the local J-community. I highly recommend it, even if you are not into Japanese culture and history.

Note - if you don't find Japanese women hot and have some in your area, please send them to me.

Casdok said...

Yes a good excuse not to blog!
I love books! And like you havent dropt one yet - touch wood!