Thursday, April 26, 2007

Musings on Lists and Roman Apartment Pics

Well, it's happened. I am now in full List-Making Mode .

It's now less than two weeks until I'm off to Italy along with Jeff and Tai and Pol.

So I'm making Lists. It's what I do before I travel.

Lists of what clothes to pack:polka dot blouse, sandals, my lucky travelling dress...

Lists of things I need to do before I go: give mom house key, break it gently to mom that she'll need to take care of my stick bugs as well as my cats, request holiday pay, clean out fridge, breathe deeply...

Lists of things I want to see: Ostia Antica, Rialto Bridge, Cappucin Crypt (again! you can never see too many chandeliers made from bones), Isola Pescatori, the preserved head of St. Catherine in Siena, the view from the hiking trails between the villages of the Cinque Terre, the Borgese gallery in Rome....

I like making lists. When I was a child I can remember my father making lists too (gardening lists, lists of what was in the freezer, lists of stock market trends--he had all sorts of little notebooks around). I would tease him about his Super Powers of Organization, but even then I thought it was kind of a neat idea.

Last night I was re-reading one of my travel journals. It was from my first international trip ever, back in 1999 when my friend Tai and I back-packed around the British Isles. Our budget was so small that I recorded the cost of every ticket and postcard purchased in a little list at the back of a notebook. Also the cost of every meal. Looking back I see we subsisted mostly on tuna fish sandwiches and Cadbury's Whispa-mint chocolate bars. Mmmmm....backpacker's cuisine.

Don't worry, my travel budget has gotten more expansive (er, expensive too) and when I'm in Italy I'm planning on eating fabulous food...and not writing down the prices. It's just better if I remember the flavours and not the debt this time, trust me.

Speaking of spending money in Italy, these are pictures of the apartment we'll be renting in Rome for the last week of holiday.

Really central location, 1200 sq, feet, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, washing machine.

It's up lots of stairs mind you, but it'll still be much less expensive than renting a hotel room for that length of time.

What do you think?


Sienna said...

I think it's fantastic, well done you guys!

How dreamy, Rome in I am trying to get orientated here, ain't will be near Piazza Navona? So so well done...there is the greatest little rest't, walk thru the actual kitchen and the chefs past that to the dining area...the narrowest little rest't you have ever come across, don't ask me it's name, but they make the greatest dishes, the wine is to die for and watch the kissing waiter, he thinks he is hot. Have fun, have you done the Old Appian Way walk? it takes you out of city walls, so pretty, although May will be hot, no.

Have you seen the Catacombs, under theMausoleum of St Costance, off via Nomentana?

I am pining for Italy already, have fun Spider.

Janice Thomson said...

Wow only 2 weeks!...I look forward to all posts from you and Tai!...thanks Spider for your lovely comments on my blog...and a fellow Islander to boot!

Jocelyn said...

I'm dying over that apartment. Wow.

And the list-making. I know it well, even if we're just going somewhere for the weekend.

We all are gearing up with you, you know.

Ms.L said...

I think I am so excited for you all and can't wait to live through your experience when you get back!
I love your lists(I'm a listmaker too) and I LOVE that apartment:)

Anonymous said...

[LJ's list: 1. pack 3 changes of underwear; 2. squeeze into one of Spider-girl's suitcases; 3. breathe slowly...]

Pol* said...

3 bedrooms?
I am so missing out.

Anonymous said...

Ciao,So I'm looking after stick bugs eh!Oh wellthat's life for you,I get 2 cats and numerous stick bugs and you get three weeks in Italy! Oh well,no doubt I'll make a lot of lists while your away.Love the apartment.I can't believe there's only 2 weeks to go!Love Mom

Tai said...

Geez, you're even getting to ME with the list making!
(It's good, I actually like it!)

This is going to be FABULOUS!

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

When I travel, I am a fastidious list maker and recorder-of-prices, but not necessarily by choice.... the numbers part is all business. Can't write something off if you haven't saved the reciept somewhere amongst the souveniers and foreign chocolate bar wrappers! :)

jmb said...

Hi Spider Girl,
Sienna sent me over because you are going to Italy and I'm always writing about Italy on my blog. I've been about 10 times over 46 years.
Anyway that looks like a great apartment. How did you find it?
Have a great trip, which I'm sure you will.
Incidentally I live in Vancouver but came from Australia many years ago.

Viking said...

I want that apartment!

I do the list thing too. For everything. Otherwise I'll end up doing all the things I want to do, but none of the things I need to do. The lists don't really help, but at least I try :)

Josie said...

What do we think?

Is that a trick question?

We think it's absolutely gorgeous!

Be sure to add to your list: Find a computer and post lots of pictures of Italy when you're there.


Mel said...

what do I think???? ITs AWESOME you are so blessed to be able to go!

Hey, I make lists if I am just going away for a weekend LOL