Sunday, May 06, 2007

In Which Spider Girl Packs Her Bags and Stampedes Some Buffalo

Two more days till we leave for Italy.

My little red suitcase, Ricardo, is nearly packed. Italian phrasebooks and other bits of travel paraphanelia litter the coffee table.

This last week or so has been a mish-mash of work (both jobs), going-away parties for co-workers, forays into old bookshops for reading material on the plane, gardening, visiting friends, and trying out new and exciting brunch menus with Tai.

Tai, one of my intrepid travelling companions, has actually been staying at my house since Friday. For her, the vacation has already begun. Well, at least, I'm hopeful that staying at my place can be regarded as a holiday of sorts. I dunno...apparently I clank around in the morning rather a lot.

Today, we decided to spend the last of the weekend before we leave being a Tourists in Our Own Town, which is decidedly much less expensive than trotting off to Europe.

We spent today's rainy afternoon travelling down random rural roads lined with daffodils and sheep and trees in blossom.

There was also mysterious cabalistic signs to a "Fortress" out there on a dead-end road in the boonies, which led to a discussion about naming one's house. I asked for suggestions to name my own house and my witty friend suggested calling it "Bob". The Villa Bob. No, it really doesn't have the ring to it I'm looking for. I'm open to suggestions.

We also came upon some smaller stone cousins to the Easter Island giant heads. My, travelling in my own town is certainly broadening! :)

AND we saw seven deer and one rock shaped like a deer. Does that count?

AND, we saw a herd of stampeding buffalo.

They weren't stampeding, really, until I got quite close to their fence though. Very impressive, what with the thundering hooves and snorting and all. They were running in the other direction from me, by the way. Apparently buffalo don't care for my sort, although later on Tai and I met some cows that pratically begged for their photos to be taken....

Pictured in this post are the handful of buffalo that were cool with me.

All in all, a good day for local tourism.....

Tomorrow I work a half day, and then I come home and run around madly doing last minute things (and when I say run around madly I AM alotting some time for a good read in a bubble bath), and then the next day the three of us head down to Nanaimo to go over to Vancouver on the sea-plane (I'm going to like that!), and then to the main airport for the flight to Rome via Amsterdam.

Right. I'm tired. I'm rambling. I'm getting this random-train-of-thought vibe as I write tonight.

Buona sera to you all!


Jocelyn said...

Well, you just make every moment of your day sound wayyyyyyyy too fun.

I'm loving the name of Bob for your Villa.

BostonPobble said...

I really loved this post.

Tai said...

Vote one for Villa Bob!

I think my mom was keen on it, too.

blackcrag said...

hey! I recognise that road! I've ridden down that stretch of road many times. Well, I have if it is the one I'm thinking of, anyway.

I've said it before, bu bon voyage1 have a great trip!

Ms.L said...

Thank you for the photos!
Have a most wonderful adventure!

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Hurray for buffalo! And I think Villa Bob is a wonderful moniker, especially if said with a heavy Mediterranean accent and a dramatic, fingers-clenching-the-sky hand gesture.

Our place in France was called La Garrauge, which translates into something like The Scrub Hill. I have always suspected that everything sounds much more romantic in French.

Bon voyage, mes amis! A bientot!

Anonymous said...

Ciao mia figlia,Thanks for all the wedding photos.Is that Bob pronounced the way Black Adder pronounced it? If so I vote yes.Buon Viaggio!Love,Mom

Tai said...

It certainly IS pronounced "BOB" as in Black Adder 'Bob' my dear Spider Mom!
Short and clipped and exceedingly funny.
I would have never suggested it otherwise!

jmb said...

Too late I'm sure but Buon Viaggio. Take lots of photos.

Josie said...

I thought I was seeing things when I saw the buffalo... on Vancouver Island?

You guys are going to have a wonderful time in Italy. My goodness!

Hageltoast said...

Hola!!! just got back from Spain. Have an awesome time in Italy!!!