Saturday, December 16, 2006

London Photos

Outside, the slush is softly falling and the weather is gently miserable.

Inside it's warm and comfortable, and the cat is slowly and comfortably melting into her cushion by the fire. You want comfort? Try petting the warm fuzzy kitty belly that belongs to my black cat Colby. She will in return grab your petting hand with both front paws and then try to lick it to death.

What to do on a lazy indoor evening? Why! Look at old photos of course. In the old days that would mean rifling through some disorganized albums or perhaps digging through a box of dog-eared polaroids from the back of the closet. Now it means sifting through my computer looking for ones to put on my blog.

Flying back from our safari in East Africa summer before last,we made a week-long stop in London.

At the time, the only photos that people asked to see upon our return to Canada were the ones with lions and elephants in them, so I never got to printing the ones from London (one of my favourite cities!) Mostly what people asked me about our time in England was about the hospitals I had to visit (two of 'em) after my henna burn incident in Zanzibar--that's why my arm is bandaged in the photos. But that was only a very small, uncomfortably oozy part of my visit there.

(Recommendation: If you're ever needing medical help in London, try going to St. Tommy's--its right across the river from the Parliament buildings and has an amazing robotic pharmacy!)

Here are some pics from a marvellous day in Jolly Olde England--I highly recommend the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. It's fabulous! It's free! You could spend the whole week there. (You want dinosaurs? It's got dinosaurs!)

Also, just down the street is the entertaining Museum of Science and Technology (also free, as so many galleries and museums are in London), and in the same neighbourhood is the Victoria and Albert Museum which seems to hold all the art and trinkets that the gigantic British Museum couldn't fit in its attic.

There was one day when it POURED rain while we were there, and with the combination of travelling via the Underground and our museum-going, I think the only time we saw daylight was when we splashed through the puddles to eat some Italian food at a little restaurant.


Mom said...

I remember London.I wan't to see some of these Museums.

Tai said...

Love the T.Rex with shadow...very cool picture!

gnightgirl said...

Great fun pix, and a good way to while away cruddy weather. I LOVE looking at pictures, anyone's pictures, I can flip through albums (or laptops) for hours on end and never get bored.

I'm coming over.

Pol* said...

There is that pleasant side effects to a culture that makes a habit of taking trinkets and samples from every land they inhabit!!! Great museums of natural science and history! I am so looking forward to our trip! It's almost taking precidence over Christmas in my mind this year!

Ms.L said...

Those were fabulous!
I feel all warm and cozy now:)

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Ah, the city of my heart!

Anonymous said...

Cool white bat!