Thursday, November 16, 2006

Storms, Snarl, and Wowie-Shazam

Okay, this is a post about this and that.

First of all, the weather has been more than a wee bit blowy around these parts. This is a tree that just up and fell over onto the road about a block away from my house. during the windstorm night before last.

Another huge chunk of tree was sheared off by the wind in the children's play-yard at work. Nobody was nearby fortunately--we were all sensibly inside due to the torrential rainfall.

I just read an article about a woman who has received a large sum of money for funding a completely outdoor year-round daycare in Scotland. The seventeen toddlers attending will play, nap, do chores, and use the composting-toilets, all outdoors. The only shelter will be a small wattle-and-daub structure with no walls.

Hmmmm...I realize the value of fresh air and outdoor play, but frankly I'm skeptical about how this will work out. Maybe in the summer. Maybe in Hawaii. But winter-time in Scotland? Good luck with that, dearie.

The storm that hit yesterday caused a lot of road wash-outs and landslides near places on the Island like Gold river and Sayward. Some loggers at the company Jeff works for (he is an accountant there) had to spend the night in their pick-up trucks after they were trapped behind a landslide during a snowfall. They were rescued this morning by helicopter.

Another group of employees (and Jeff's boss) had to walk three kilometres out of the bush in another place until they reached the road and were picked up by a passing Hydro crew.

Back at the office, Jeff had to make a series of phone-calls: "Uh, about so-and-so...he's going to be late coming home tonight...."


In other news, Tai and I and Jeff went for a spin around ToysRUs the other day. Everybody should have a play in a toystore once in a while.

Ostensibly, we were there to find a Marbleworks game for my preschool, but it turned out our real mission was to find Tai a Transformers toy named Snarl. He turns into a wolf. 'Nuff said.

Ya shoulda been there, Kim.


And here is the new colour in my kitchen---the brightest Mexican yellow I could find. You can see my kitchen coming a mile away. (I decided that the modern sophisticated look I considered briefly would simply clash too much with my aura, so I went with this instead.)

The colour swatch had a really stupid name("Instant Delight"), but when I showed my selection to my friend Pol she blinked and commented enthusiastically, "Wowie! Shazam!"

So that is the colour's new name: Wowie-Shazam .

I put Tai's painting by Brian Scott that I'm storing for her up on the kitchen wall and it rather suits the background I think. Perhaps I could store it long-term, my friend?


kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

I wish I'd been there, but I'm afraid Zoe's nemesis, the highly contagious PinkEye, kept us cloistered for the weekend. Taking her to Toys'R'Us with pink eye smacks of Typhoid Mary for the toddler set, dontcha think?

Love the Brian Scott painting on the yellowowie wall!

blackcrag said...

OK, now that is yellow. And not mellow at all. I'm trying to picture it in your house.

Do you need sunglasses to enter the kitchen now?

(Good job, hun.)

H.E.Eigler said...

Wowie indeed :) Glad you didn't have too much storm damage at your place!

Steven Novak said...


That's pretty damn yellow...

Don't get me wrong, I like it...but wow... ;)


Pol* said...

Great colour!

Ms.L said...

That painting is perfect on that wall. Love the colour!

Ha,hubby and I always go into that big giant wonderous toy store when we're near it. I still love toys:)

I'm glad Jeff is ok!

Tai said...

WOWIE!! SHAZAM!!! Can't wait to see it!

That pictures DOES look fabulous can hang there till February sometime. Long enough for you to pick up your own fabulous blue Brian Scott painting, no?

Did you see MY last post? Adventures with Snarl.

adman said...

How are you going to find a plaid to match that flavour of yellow...Mexicans would freak ou at that much colour...I like it though...bold

Chris said...

I have no problem with you keeping the painting for as long as you'd like...

BostonPobble said...

Hey Tai ~ Unless you are ready to paint a wall of your new place wowie-shazam yellow, I really think Spider should store your painting for you. That's SUCH a great combo!

BostonPobble said...

Ps ~ somebody give me more info on the artist, please! thanks!

ZooooM said...

wowie shazaam! I agree, the painting and the wall are perfect. Isn't posession 9/10ths of the law? There might need to be a fund set up to purchase a duplicate painting.

And the next time I feel like whining becaue I've had to trudge a few blocks in the rain, I'll think about this weather you guys are having.

[eric] said...

Yes, that fits you much more perfectly than some boring beige, I think. Too many homes look "modern" like that now anyway.

I love that painting, by the way.

Tigger said...

The color is amazing.... I honestly don't think that the daycare in Scotland will work out. I mean kids eventually get tired of being outside and wanna watch T.V. Glad you had fun at Toys ~R~Us. Tawnya

nicki said...

looove looove your kitchen walls!! I'm a big fan of bright walls!! big fan!!

Gary said...

I agree about Scotland. In the winter in Scotland, it gets so cold even the SHEEP shouldn't be outdoors.BRRRRR. :)

Hulai said...

I think the kitchen has great color!!!
and the out door lady in scotland sooo wouldnt have my business thats for damn sure!!!

Hageltoast said...

you'd be hard pushed to get me outside in scotland at any time of year. Brrr. ;)
More colours should have names like wowie shazam, makes more sense than buttercup fairy blush or whatever.