Thursday, November 23, 2006

Numa Numa Bunny

As evidence that my friends and I are moving up in the world and hob-knobbing with the soon-to-be-famous-and-noteable, here are Kim (her blog explains it all a bit more) and I pictured posing with minor cardboard celebrity (and Arctic hare) Smilla Vanilla .

You can see Smilla's musical debut (with co-star Uni-Brow Bear) in the brilliant and avant garde Numa Numa video made by Kim and Shawn last week. Filmed on location (apparently) in, um, London, Paris, Cairo, Las Vegas, and of course our very own Hollywood North---the Comox Valley!

I'm sure that it will go on to become an integral part of the socio-cultural online phenomena that is the Numa Numa song's legacy.

Especially if y'all go to the video link and *cough cough* leave nice ratings and comments about it. :)

Yes, I'm sure the young lads from the Romanian pop group O-Zone are grinning their heads off about this somewhere.


Tai said...


Hello? Salut?

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

I already consider you to be soon-to-be-famous-and-noteable, but that video definitly tops the list of all Numa Numa videos I've seen...

Hageltoast said...

i love that video, makes me howl!!!

Pol* said...

OOOOH! I am a huge fan!!!! (Of Kim&Shawn's video that is) I am jealous that you are holding the actual character!!!!!

Barry said...

It is funny!