Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon Pajama Party

My pagan friends on Denman Island invited me to a Full Moon Pajama Party this last Thursday night.

I went (of course! how could I not!) but I never got to the pajama part as I had to work the next morning early and so had to catch the last ferry back to the mainland (which is an Island too, strangely enough).

But it was still worthwhile going--the evening started with two killer whales rocketing by off the side of the ferry on their way to parts unknown. I didn't actually get a good look at them--there and gone--but I watched a very relieved-looking seal who popped his head out of the water and looked around with a look that said that having been spared thus from being whale-chow he would henceforth go and lead a worthy life.

It was such a gorgeous evening!

And the food at my friend's house was incredible! Fresh things from the garden. Vegan chili. Fresh watermelon juice. Ripe figs from a neighbour's tree. It's the end of the summer and so the theme of the meal was harvest-time.

(I'd never had fresh figs before, they only existed in my world as dried brown things, not pink and green and somehow sensual fruits. I love it when I try a hitherto-unknown yummy food. It feels like, I dunno, (I'm sleepy as I write this), I'm trying to articulate this, like a present. Like the gods just invented something new and said 'Hey, Spider Girl! Try this, something we just whipped up for you!' Anyway...mmmm. Figs good.)

I don't grow a single vegetable in my garden, so I brought flower seeds to share instead (white hollyhocks) and somebody else brought big dried sunflower heads from their garden.

We sat and ate and talked and talked--tales of love past and present, of festivals in the desert(The Burning Man: thanks, Dagoth), moonlit rituals, bad movies, herbal lore, the pros and cons of non-mainstream religions becoming churches, and whether or not the internet is a valuable resource or a scary unnatural force in the world. I know which one has MY vote! :)

I was sorry to go.

But crossing back over on the boat with the full moon making a path of light on the water was lovely. And on the drive home a small herd of deer, including two fawns, slowly paraded across the road in front of me.


Zambo said...

Hey Spider Girl.

Sounds like you had an enjoyable evening with your pals!

Figs are my fav! Were they the dark (purple) or the light (green) ones?

That is an amazing pic of the moon!!!

I hope all is well.

Take care out there!

Your Pal,


Tai said...

Love the full moon pic.

Maybe now I can start attending some of these things!

Dagoth said...

Hi Spider

Festival in the Desert = Burning Man?

In Pennsylvania we have lots of white tail deer and one must always lookout for them on the road. I hope you weren't going too fast.

I have "Moved" my site to
which is a non-beta site.

Spider Girl said...

Yes, that's it, the Burning Man. Thanks Dagoth. Sounds like some of us are interested in going this year as the theme is "The green Man".

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Lovely moon! Lovely islands! Lovely ferry!


Grant said...

Be sure to get pics if they ever have a full moon nekkid party.

erikku said...

All I know of figs are Fig Newtons.

Ms.L said...

Oh what a beautiful perfect evening!

Tim Rice said...

That was a superb full moon picture.

Anonymous said...

Spider Girl What a great idea!! All the healthy food and conversation sounded great also! Beautiful picture of the full moon across the water!!

I see your brother blogs also... :)