Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Geocaching and Woodpecker Love

Jeff and I spent Sunday afternoon doing some combined hiking/geocaching Cumberland. The trail head is really close to our friend Kim's house and she has hidden five caches in the woods there, most of them along the mossy path that is sign-posted Mama Bear's Trail of Tears.

Somewhere between A Cache for Miss Dickinson and Mama Bear's Second Cache we came across two pileated woodpeckers courting---circling round and round a tree, peeking around the trunk at each other and bobbing their red-crested heads. There was no pecking of wood involved.

(Finally remembered my new camera can take video and took the below clip of them.)

Forty-five minutes later, as we retraced our steps along the trail, we came across the same two birds--they were still at it. Round and round. Ah, wood-pecker love in the Spring-time!

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Get Off My Lawn! said...

Ah spring. This was a good moment and you were wise to bring said camera. We should all pack one of those things around.