Friday, November 06, 2009


So, it's almost a week after Halloween, but zombies are on my mind. Maybe it's all the zombie-like motions I've been going through this past week as I dealt with my "flu-like symptoms" (that's the correct media term lately I believe).

Yes, I got quite good at shambling around the house and moaning. No matter.

Last Saturday was Courtenay's first ever official Zombie Walk and I'm rather sorry that I was merely a spectator as this sort of thing obviously has great potential merit to be an Awesome Annual Cultural Event in this girl's book.

In no particular order, Things I Learned at the Zombie Walk:

* Canadian zombies may lurch menacingly down the sidewalk, but when they need to get across the street, they use the cross walk. Yay, zombies!

*For the vegetarian-inclined zombies out there, a cauliflower covered in fake blood makes a rather convincing brain. so no need to feel left out when your fellow zombies are slathering apart something more squishy.

* If you're a zombie dog-owner and you can train your doggie to play fetch with your own severed arm, that's extra points or something.

* Finally! a use for all that stuffy formal wear at the back of your closet! Zombies like to dress up when they eat out. Yeah, it may have a few stains...

* Zombies appreciate a good cheer-leader. "Give me a B! Give me an R! Give me an A! Give me an I!.." Well, you probably can figure out the rest. Zombies are a little bit single-minded.

* The sight of hordes of zombies apparently don't traumatize local children at all. One baby's mom had turned into a nasty pus-filled zombie and there he was all gurgling and happy in his carriage draped with black tulle.

* Zombies sometimes talk on cell-phones.

*Zombies seem like a fun crowd.

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Pol* said...

ya they look really - umm -- fun.

(the dog cracked me up)

I think I might like to participate in a zombie walk.... when is it?

For the record, my kids were terrified of my when I dressed un-dead for halloween. Panicky crying and everything.