Friday, November 06, 2009


We've been planning on going to Greece this Spring, you see, and looking at all sorts of brochures and possibilities.

Well, we're STILL going to Greece, but in our research we couldn't help but notice how tantalizingly close Egypt is.

Hey, in the world of ancient civilizations, they're practically just down the block from one another.

So here is a trip to Egypt that we're seriously considering. It's the same company we went to Africa and India with and therefore we'd get a discount. So, so tempting!

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Pol* said...

ooo, ooo, ooo!

One of my clients is off on a terrific sounding trip starting next week. He is going to Greece, Croatia, Italy, Sicily and ending up with a tour up the Nile to see the pyramids!!! How awesome does that sound?!

I am green with envy to both you and him.... but for me England in the Spring my lovely!