Friday, August 14, 2009


This blog post inspired by the shoe decluttering blog post of my friend Pol...

As I embark on my quest towards an emptier basement--- flying in the face of my SIMULTANEOUS quest to collect junk to sell for fund-raising-- I find myself with NINE bags of stuff to leave the house sitting in the basement. Stuff I can't flea-market or Craigslist. Stuff I can't possibly justify keeping. That's a lot of bags lined up in the basement waiting for the next CDA neighbourhood pickup--probably not until September. And I'll probably be filling more...

This afternoon I'm down to eight bags, having dropped a large load of shoes off at the thrift store. Out it's going, bag by bag, this holiday week *she vows to herself*

Sometimes I'm tempted to put aside shoes for a clothes trade, but this particular Pile O' Shoes only merited one pair for possible Future-Use-By-Friends.

Like I said, this post was inspired by my friend who likewise posted pictures of her shoe collection online. "Wow", I thought to myself, "My friend sure does like shoes!" But apparently, um, I have a similar problem. Nothing like a picture or two to illustrate.

The Before picture shows all twenty-eight pairs of shoes I found in various places around the house. (Not even counting my snow boots.)

How is it possible that I have collected so many? Friends will attest I don't enjoy shopping for shoes, can't wear heels without hobbling myself, and will wear a pair of favourites until the sole is separating from the uppers--HAD to leave my old hiking shoes in Kathmandu for just that reason. It's a bit of a shocker for me that I am nevertheless, after reviewing all evidence, a horrible hoarder of shoes. Sigh.

But...after this month's shoe purge I am relieved to say I am now ELEVEN pairs lighter than before! Although I am for some reason STILL holding onto the pink Italian strappy shoes I wore painfully to the Crazy Ladies Tea Party--oh, the memories!

Jeff pulled all his shoes out too and similarly junked out. Total number of pairs: eleven (two not pictured as they were later discovered hiding in trepidation).


Pol* said...


Glad I am not the only one..... however I am a little SAD that you didn't save the shoes for friends to see.... we have so close-sized feet and I did get one of my ALL TIME favourite pair of slack shoes from your reject pile many years ago (almost worn completely through now)...
Probably for the better that I didn't see them now that I think about it.... except the "one in one out rule" that I have extended to shoes.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

None of your shoes fit me. :( My feet are ginormous. I am very impressed by your ability to declutter, though -- both you and Pol. I've been trying to declutter for a week, and yet I still find myself surrounded with piles of CRAP.

We're having a garage sale on Saturday, tho. Hopefully. complete strangers will come and pay me for the opportunity to carry away my junk. Fingers crossed!!!

Pol* said...

Kimber.... your feet are NOT ginormous! My sister wears size 11 - that's ELEVEN!!!!! And she still manages to have about 100 pairs of adorable and stylish footwear.