Friday, March 14, 2008

My Garden Has Been Interviewed

Yes, my garden has been interviewed....and I'll be on the garden tour this May. :)
It almost did feel like a job interview of sorts when two of the local garden society representatives arrived to evaluate my garden, notepads in hand: there were background questions to be answered, inquiries about shrubberies which required botanical lingo to answer (most gardeners do their best to appear as if they speak Latin of course), and garden design questions to field.

Half an hour later, they shook my hand and thanked me and congratulated me.
This despite the fact that:
*despite the crocuses featured on this page, my garden is a squishy, muddy bog this time of year, and anybody who is not a horticultural type will have to take it on my word that those funny pinkish bumps in the dirt will two months hence be glorious peonies

* that I obviously had no clue that the odd-looking plant off in one corner was a Himalayan honeysuckle (and not the What-sit as I have referred to it for the last five years), or what species my ornamental cherry trees might be
*that my sword ferns were looking particularly unruly that afternoon (they gave me some fern-whacking tips)

*that there was a large dead mouse lying across one of the pathways ("I have bunnies too!" I exclaimed brightly)

Yes, they seemed to quite like it despite all that...and I'm glad because I've been working my hiney off out in the yard since I put that application in the second week of February. I've put in about thirty-five hours out there (ahem, not that I'm counting, but I'm curious to how much effort I'm eventually going to expend on this project now that I've committed to it).
And speaking of that....
Who needs the gym, my friends, when you can burn off huge amounts of calories weeding in Spider Girl's garden?
Yes, don't waste your time on the StairMaster people! Free "Garden Gym" memberships for all--- I've got plenty of toning and er, weight-lifting activities around about.
Just ask Jeff about the physical benefits of digging large holes.
He's, er, thrilled that we're on the tour.
Just thrilled. :)


Mel said...

congrats, thats awesome!!!!

I wish I could come see :)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

That's really cool. Are you going to get lots of visitors coming around to peruse? Remember the golden rule of gardening: the reward for hard work is the opportunity to do more. But it sounds like fun. Enjoy the attention, looks like you deserve it for the work you've put in.

グラント said...

Sword ferns? Can you chop people up with them? Invite me up when the pot ripens.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see your garden in it's height of glory!

Pol* said...

I just BET he's excited..... rolling his eyes in giddy aprehension -- oops I mean anticipation!

Sounds fantastic and I know you can pull it off in a riot of blooming glory!

H.E.Eigler said...

Congrats! I bet you'll have a lot of fun. And the bunny bit, had me LOLing :)

Sugar said...

Congratulations! I wish I could be around to take the the tour in May, but maybe this summer? I miss having a garden. The growing season is too short up here.

Cedar said...

After see you blog pics of it I never had a doubt it would be. Bravo! Or is that Brava? Great job!

blackcrag said...

I felt confident you would be selected. your garden has always reminded me of a little old English garden, set down in North America. It's charmingly clutterred, with an elegant air of cultivation.

So when do you take over your responsibilities at Buchart Gardens in Victoria? After the tour?

SSC said...

Beautiful flowers!!!!