Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Is Magee the cat for us, a companion for Colby and a new little creature to take into our hearts?

We don't know yet, but we've made an appointment to go see her tomorrow at the house she's being fostered at.

She's just over a year old and was a stray picked up as a dirty thin kitten from Hornby Island. She'd been living rough for a while the shelter people think. Her torn little ear speaks to that. Lestat had an ear like that-- he wasn't living rough but he was a bit of a scrapper in his youth.

She's apparently a bit handshy at first, but with a sweet personality. I hope there's a bond.

This is how we picked Colby---looking at pictures of local adoptable animals and making a list of possibles. When we met Colby there was an instant bond and we barely glanced at the other cats I'd selected on paper. She sort of threw herself at us, and from Magee's description it's doubtful we'll be greeted in the same way at first.

It's a big decision and I thought I'd wait much longer after Lestat was gone to go searching, but I am missing having a second cat in our household more than I thought. Not missing Lestat more than I thought (I miss him sure enough), but missing two cats in general as well. Two hopeful faces at breakfast time, two furry bodies warming the end of the bed, twice the trouble, twice the purring.

If Magee is not a match, as may happen, there will be others I know, but we both think she has an appealing little face and I'm a sucker for a hard luck story.


Pol* said...

Good luck with the search!
We got our cat by looking at a picture and knowing she needed a home too.... cats are so much easier to choose than dogs.

How old is Magee?

Spider Girl said...

She's about fourteen months old---past kittenhood (which is good)but still a very young animal. :)

Hagelrat said...

oh she's a cutey.

dramput said...

Of course posting comments to anyone relaying info on their opinion and claiming to be arachnoid like at the same time could yield good results for that male willing to expose himself well enough.

Or he could end up relaying commentary from stuff in his old forensics and ME courses he ended up with at UF. Or the cat he named Ru Paul that was a black cat that came wandering up into his yard one night while responding to an emergency med call for the local county's public safety crowd. Ru actually looks quite a bit like the cat you have showing there.

BostonPobble said...

Hey ~ my Lionel and Daisy came to me because of all the pictures I saw, suddenly There Were My Babies. :)

What was the verdict with Magee?

blackcrag said...

I think Nero would be a good name for a cat. Nero is suitably simple yet imposing, as well as regally distant as befits a cat.

Of course, given the characters of the cats you've named yourselves--Pooka saw things that weren't there and Lestat was bloodthirsty--he'd tend to be rather autocratic and demanding, and you'd have to be careful around with that cat around fires and fiddles.