Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bug Whisperer

Today it was gorgeous and sunny and as I walked around the playground at work an enormous dragonfly with luminous blue eyes landed on my hip.

I called the children to come over and have a look at it, and quite a little crowd of three year olds toddled over to peer at the large insect on me.

The dragonfly stayed put for quite a while, and two of my co-workers drifted over too. I cupped my hands gently under the dragonfly and lifted it up so the children could see better.

The dragonfly seemed quite at ease while I touched it gently and showed it to all the big and little people gathered around and only flew away when I lifted my hand up into the air above my head.

"That was magic!" said one little girl. "You are magic with bugs!"

Yes, agreed my co-workers, bugs seem to really like me. This sort of thing is not an isolated incident.

"She's the Bug Whisperer!" said Terri.

I kind of like that thought actually.

My co-worker told me of a story she'd heard about a man who one day had a butterfly land on his clothing while he was at work. The butterfly stayed with him all day, and then stayed on him as he travelled home. It was still with him the next day, and, much bemused, he placed the insect carefully in his garden.

It stayed for quite a while among his flowers, lighting on his clothing every day before fluttering away again.

At last, on the very last day he saw the butterfly, it sat on its shoulder for a while before flying up and up and up until he couldn't see it any more.

While it may or may not be a true tale, there is something deeply appealing in it to me.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

"The Bug Whisperer" sounds so... arcane. Maybe its just a super power. "Insectia!" I like that.

Happy anny to you and Jeff. Hope you crazy kids had a great day.

PBS said...

That's a wonderful story, the Butterfly Story. I hope it's true. I like that, "The Bug Whisperer"!

Ms.L said...

You are magic with bugs. Some kids know just how to say it:)
I love your story and the butterfly one too!

Hagelrat said...


Tim Rice said...

That's neat how you related to the children! Hope you are doing well. It's been too long since I dropped by here.