Sunday, May 11, 2008

Garden Tour Day

Garden Tour day finally here.
Happy. Very happy.
Tired. Very tired.
One hundred and seventy five people in my garden today...

The cherry trees were in bloom. The birdhouse Blackcrag gave me is being loved by the birds.

I love having a stone lantern in the Haunted Garden.

That's me, Spider Girl, your garden tour host today.

It's all cheery and pink by the mailbox.
Some visitors to my yard. Just beyond these ladies is the magnolia tree that I planted after being inspired by my friend Fireweed's tree-planting project. That whole area used to be just a pile o' dirt until a month or two ago. It's come a long way in a short time.

My youngest visitor, who was scolded by her mother after picking one of my yellow flowers. "I thought it was a dandelion", she protested. Easy mistake. :)

So many, many cars parking in front of my house. I wish I got this kind of traffic when I have a garage sale. Actually one fellow stopped by thinking it was a garage sale. He was right disappointed it wasn't. Flowers schmowers.


More tulips! (The bunnies didn't get them all after all.)
The pond and beyond.

I love the driftwood in the background--thanks Nik and Linda.

I'm rather in love with these blue and white pots but they belong to my mom. I'm going to very shortly go clay-pot shopping and get something like them for my very own, you better believe. I love 'em.

This is the patio underneath my wisteria arbour. See the little garden mirror peeking out from behind the honeysuckle vines? A very appreciated gift from my brother.
Anyway, the experience of having all these people here was a very positive experience overall.
Hearing people exclaim in delight over something I worked hard on.
Finding out the names of your own plants that you didn't know from experts wandering by.
The enormous amount of calories that must have been burned during one hundred and forty hours of digging, pruing, and weeding in three months.
Meeting other gardeners.
Dirty fingernails.
Wearing out the knees in your jeans weeding.
Not being able to resist running up the tab at the local plant nursery.
Worrying about the weather forecast for today weeks in advance. (Mostly sunny, one rain shower that deterred nobody apparently.)
This morning, total butterflies in my tummy!


blackcrag said...

Your garden looks great. Glad it was a success.

Now you can start planning next year's garden!

Tai said...

HAHA!!! I was there, but I wasn't. I'm so glad all that amazing amount of work had such an astounding impact.
(And I'm incredibly proud of you, my sister, all of your hard work resulted in exactly what you had your heart set on. And not everyone gets to say that.)

Beware when Spider has a 'goal'...there'll be no stopping her!
I hope I'm her own personal goal one day. I suspect I'll come out the other side a much improved specimen.

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

Beautiful pictures! I kept thinking about you and your garden all day, every time the sky threatened to rain but didn't. Hurray! It looks like all involved had a great time -- congratulations!

And I love those blue-and-white pots of your Mom's! Where did she find them? They are SWEEEEEET!

グラント said...

Nature - ick. Man was meant to live indoors, under the air conditioning, spending all his time on the Internet and having sex with hot Japanese women. At least this man was.

Ms.L said...

ooh it's beautiful!
I'm glad it all went well!

Pol* said...

hooray for your success!
I have always admired you ability to follow through with your goals with 100% action!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

It looks lovely. As someone still waiting for all the snow to be gone, just the pics you posted makes me homesick. Congratulations again. I can see how much work youput into it.

Cedar said...

Your yard is fabulous. I look at your blog to inspire myself to mow my lawn.

What a wonderful job you have done, you have right to be very proud.

I have to ask, however, is your husband glad it's over?

Bella said...

Wow! you're garden is very beautiful!

You should be proud!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s a breathtaking garden and such a considerable number of visitors! It sounds as if was a grand day.qc

Hageltoast said...

you have the most beautiful garden!!

Jocelyn said...

I'm not supposed to comment on your breast, right?

I'll just say that *everything* in all the photos is gorgeous!

Weary Hag said...

Wow this was a fabulous walk through tour of your garden! I can't imagine the amount of time, effort, and yes, dirty fingernails it took for you to get this result. Just wow. Congrats!