Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nothing Dire

A friend said to me the other day: "I was afraid something was up with you, you know, something dire ."

"Dire?", I said. "Why is that?"

"Well, you haven't written on your blog in a long time..."

No, I can assure you all that nothing dire is up with me. :)

Mainly the last part of November, first week of December has flown by in a bit of a blur. Well, some of it has slogged by in not-so-much of a blur actually, but it's been filled up with distinctly non-bloggy activities.

Like participating in an online course for professional development. I had hoped it would be a little more interesting but the problem is you can't have a good online discussion group if most of the group is not into discussing things.

Which leaves the other part of the course, which includes reviewing and assessing scholarly and long-winded draft documents/recorded seminars of child-care related issues.

In one three minute video-clip I was being asked to comment on, the speaker used the word "paradigm" twenty-two times in under three minutes. Excrutiating!

Anyway, by the time I'm done on the computer lately, all I want to do is go kill things in World of Warcraft. Sigh.

But, if you've read this far, I shall give all a update on the highlights of this past month.

1. I sprained my shoulder at work, much to the consternation of the children gathered in a concerned circle around my prone form. I didn't realize it until the next day because I landed on my head first and that was the big owie I was most concerned about. Tackle-hugs. The love of a child can be heart-warming...but potentially dangerous.

Note: Although I didn't have to take a single hour/day off work for this injury, I STILL had to go through paperwork hell to document it of course. My shoulder hurt, sure, but it was a bigger pain in the butt, so to speak.

2. This was the month I finally decided to take a step towards getting over my fear of highway-driving. (Those of you who may not know me well, let me inform you I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to driving. )

Well, white-knuckled or no, I made it to Nanaimo going 110 km/h. Oh sure, people were still passing me by going mach, but I'm still pretty happy with myself.

3. I went to a burlesque show with Jeff and Melanie. (Okay, this was even a while further back, but it's worth mentioning). There were twirling pasties, fishnet tights, and feather boas flying everywhere. I won a risque purse that I'm quite fond of, featuring faux leopard print and a vintage brassiere advert.

4. My beloved old troupe of bellydancers had a reunion at my friend Emily's house.

5. My friend Lisa got married and I went to her most entertaining bridal shower.

6. I got an email from my mother-in-law in Kathmandu the other day telling me I should look on her dresser for her ticket to Winterharp . She figured after arriving back in Canada after forty-eight hours of flights and layovers beautiful harp music would only put her to sleep. Since I'd tried to buy tickets for this sold-out concert a month ago with no luck, this was a nice surprise. Gorgeous uplifting performance!

In other (non)- entertainment news, I ended up turning down a ticket tonight to go see an Elvis impersonator. Not like me to avoid any sort of free ticket. Guess I wasn't quite in the mood.

7. I've also spent quite a bit of time this month working on home-made holiday presents. This is mostly to avoid the dreaded Curse of the Holiday Shopping Mall , but then I turn around and make plans to meet up with Tai in Nanaimo tomorrow at Chapters, and I just know we'll be perilously close to entering a mall.

Okay, that's my life in a nutshell. :)


mellybrelly said...

I would definitely repeat the burlesque experience!

I still haven't opened my pastie file! Perhaps in the new year, life is busy here too.

xo Melanie

Hageltoast said...

Sound like life is good. :)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

I'm with you when it comes to malls and online courses. Evil things they are. Take care of your shoulder, you may need it again.

Crazy Me said...

I'm a weirdo. I love the holiday shopping. What can I say?

BostonPobble said...

And what a lovely nutshell it is!

I, too, am glad to hear it's just life and nothing dire.

(Gotta love a good burlesque show!)

Jocelyn said...

Your shoulder must really hurt, if you'd turn down seeing an Elvis impersonator.

Love the update...and congrats on white-knuckling your way to a new kind of freedom.

Ms.L said...

Congrats on your driving!
We have people FLYING by us like that too. Durell always says "Fine,kill yourself faster for all I care" as we carry on like slowpokes;p

Your life sounds busy!

Tai said...

May I just offer you many congratulations on a sustained 110km/h!
I know very well how much of a challenge that was for you and I must say, I'm VERY happy for you.

Pol* said...

Wow, you are a busy girl!

Tai said...

Well, we avoided THAT mall by a narrow margin!
Heh, the weather gods were on MY side that day!

adman said...

Proud of you sister...Maybe one day you can drive out here.
I to suffered the endless documentation of an at work injury...even posted an internet update on the Forest Safety Council Web page about the inherent dangers of falling down.
See you soon.

H.E.Eigler said...

Sounds like you've been busy! And I have to giggle at the highway story - that strip to Nanaimo is mega tame compared to our Deerfoot in Calgary. Now that is a scary four lanes of hell frozen over in January ;)

Mel said...

I wondered where you were :) You have been a busy bee!

I am a wuss at highway driving too, I just hate it.

blackcrag said...

You be careful out there, Spider. And take care of yourself. I wasn't worried about you yet (though I was thinking of you) as I know how busy you get with all your shows, gatherings, and other out-and-abouts.